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Portuguese Tutoring

Spanish gets its name from the country that it comes from, Spain. Yet, when you think about all of the countries that speak Spanish, the home country is not even close to half the size of the largest Spanish speaking country, which is Mexico. In fact, Colombia and Argentina are right there with Spain in terms of Spanish speaking population. Even the US is close behind with 40 million people compared to Spain’s 47 million. When you think of Spanish speaking, the thought immediately goes to South America because nine of the top ten Spanish speaking countries are in the Americas. That is why a lot of people just assume that every South American country speaks Spanish. It is easy when there is a hard and fast rule like that, but there are some countries that do not follow the rules. That includes the largest country in all of South America, which is Brazil. In Brazil, the native language is Portuguese. Now, why did we start with talk of Spain and Spanish? Well, Spain’s small next-door neighbor has a language of its own. Portugal is the home of Portuguese. Yet, Portugal pales in comparison to the size of Brazil. And the final note, you should know that Portuguese and Spanish come from the same roots in Latin. They both fall into the category of Romance languages, along with French, Italian, and Romanian. If you are looking to learn Brazil’s Romance language, private Portuguese tutors are the way to go.

As mentioned, Portuguese is the third most spoken European language, although most of those speakers do not live in Europe. It is also the sixth most natively spoken language in the world, which is a good reason for you to learn it. As opposed to learning conversational Zulu, which has far fewer speakers and uses, learning Portuguese is a good way to participate in the global conversation. Some of the languages above Portuguese on the world list include Spanish and French, which you can actually pick up a lot of if you speak Portuguese. The same way, you can pick up a lot of Portuguese after you work with a Spanish tutor as well. The versatility of the language makes it highly useful and a very viable alternative to French or Spanish. The only problem is that not a lot of schools in America offer Portuguese in their language programs until you reach the college level. If you are looking to get started before then, going the private tutoring route might be the only option for you.

Although there are many similarities between Portuguese and the other Romance languages, it has picked up a lot of other traits over the years and carved its own path. You can’t expect that this is a five in one package that will teach you all of the Romance languages. That said, Portuguese has a large hold on a lot of South America. Portuguese colonization has left it so there are many countries in South America with large Portuguese speaking populations as well as Spanish. If you are looking for Asian business, Mandarin is the obvious choice. If you are looking for European business, French might be your choice. If you are looking to work in South America, the two options are Spanish or Portuguese and it goes down to one option if you are specifically working with Brazil. When you search for Portuguese tutors near me, you should find someone that can prepare you both in the language skills that you will need to communicate with other speakers and the cultural practices of the Portuguese. You better hope you get someone that can cook for you too because that is one of the best parts.


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In hiring tutors for languages, we assume that you can speak the language. We require that all of our tutors have at least five years tutoring in the subject that they want to work on for us, so if you have found a way to tutor Portuguese for five years without speaking the language, maybe we would hire you. That sounds like they would have to be one industrious person. All that aside, private Portuguese tutoring should first and foremost be about learning the language, but we look for other qualities in our tutors to make sure that you get more value out of the lessons than just learning the language.

Part of a complete education in Portuguese is to learn some of the history of the language and the cultures associated with it. The massive expansion of a language throughout South America when its home was in such a small country should be enough to tell you that this language has a story to tell and that is all part of learning the language. It is not just about learning the words because those are just a piece of a larger puzzle. What is learning a language when you do not know what it has been used for in the past? The goal should be that you are learning about everything, not just words and grammar. Another aspect that you will probably enjoy is the food. Whether you are enjoying the spices of South America from Brazil’s food or the spice of Asia trade in Portugal’s food, the diverse food culture contributes to the overall culture and tells you more about the unique journey of the people.

When we hire Portuguese tutoring near me, we look for people that can help promote the language as much as they are teaching it. We find that the best language tutors are those that feel so much passion toward the language that they feel intrinsically motivated to promote the spread throughout the world. We support lots of different languages in this quest, but Portuguese is strongly one of them. Part of being in the melting pot of America is having access to almost all of the languages of the world and that is something offered by Premier Tutoring. Not just that, we are able to offer Portuguese tutoring around the country because we search far and wide.


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