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The American Dream is something that people have sought out for hundreds of years now and that promise is what brings immigrants to our shores to this day. Today, many of the immigrants to America come from our neighbors to the south or from the Middle East or other areas where life is not as easy as it is here. That has been true forever, but the people that have come over have not always come from those same countries. My family all comes from Europe originally and, like many of those like me, my family came through Ellis Island back in the day, which was the main entry point for immigrants in the early 20th century. For Poland, the diaspora is split into three eras, each with their own reasons for fleeing. The first was in the late 1800s and into the first decades of the 1900s. This is where most Polish Americans come from, as it represents the largest migration of Poles to the country. Those that lacked land and basic amenities in what was one of the most destitute regions in Europe at the time came to America in search of that elusive American Dream of high wages and job opportunities abound. The second wave came after World War II for obvious reasons and the third came after Poland was freed from Communism in the late 80s. With all of this Polish culture coming to America, you have no reason not to seek out one of the great private Polish tutors that we have available to you. Back in the early 1900s in New York, many immigrants moved into tenement buildings with communities that were similar to them to have some people that spoke their same language. They faced a lot of discrimination because they did not speak the language that most Americans did, so many people did who at they could to assimilate to the culture. Many would walk to English classes and spend the last of their money to have a chance at fitting in. To do the opposite in this context is not an obligation by any means, but you should realize how lucky you have it that you do not have to go through the same difficulties.

In terms of the realities of learning the language, there are many differences in Polish and English, but none are more stark than with grammar. The endings of Polish nouns change with the context of the sentence, which is something that is not present in English. The worst part is that Polish has enough similarities with English that it gets confusing. Like in the way that they capitalize letters, they do things mostly the same, but the slight differences will be really confusing at first. Just when you think you get it, it might start escaping you. Another area where things are the same, but different is in the alphabet. There are 32 letters in the Polish alphabet as opposed to the 26 in the English alphabet and all of the letters look just like English. In fact, 13 of their letters correspond roughly the same with English, including b, d, f, and g. The way that they get to 32 with all of our characters is through small accent marks that change the letters. There are three variations of z and doubles of a few other letters. Missing from Polish is the letter q, which is not in their language. We use the word “the” a lot in our lives, but the “th” sound does not even exist in Polish, instead usually sounding like a v. The z variations lead to the inverse for English speakers with “rz” and “sz” sounds that we do not make. All of these are just some of the superficial differences with the language, but you will notice that it runs far deeper than just this. Working through it all is almost definitely going to require you enlisting the help of Polish tutors near me to help you out. You are much more likely to find help this way than any other because you are not likely to find Polish alongside Spanish at your high school.


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Sometimes, it is all in the name. One of the fun things about being Jewish is that you can usually tell if someone else is also a member of the tribe from a few common suffixes that are almost exclusively Jewish, ranging from the “-steins” to the “-bergs.” That is something that is usually the case with people that fall into your ethnic category, as you are likely going to follow some of the traditions of naming that are present in your community. If you see a Junior or other name based on a living person, you can almost immediately assume that they are not Jewish from breaking the rule of naming after a living person. Private Polish tutoring can be easy to find when we start looking for people with typical Polish names. One of the common suffixes in Poland is “-ski,” as can be seen by eight of the top ten Polish last names in America ending with ski, including Grabowski and Jankowski. Kaminski ranks third and is relatively similar to the last name of NBA player Frank Kaminsky, who hails from the Chicago area. Many Polish Americans moved to the Illinois and Michigan area, so one wonders whether Frank has Polish roots. Ranking tenth is Wozniak, which is the last name of famed Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who does in fact come from Polish descent.

Our selection process is not just name checking Poles in America because that would be silly. We make sure that we are covering a wide group of tutors by contacting many different sources, from colleges across the country to high schools to independent Polish schools. We try to bring as many qualified individuals into our roster, so you have plenty of options to choose from. We just want to make sure that Polish tutoring near me is never too hard to find.


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