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The history of the piano is actually much shorter than I would have imagined. The earliest pianos came to us sometime around 1700 in Italy, which means that they are barely 300 years old. In that 300 years, we have taken the instrument in directions that it was never intended to go and through it all, the piano remains one of the core instruments that can cross genres to anything that it needs to go to. It is essentially the pencil that writes music to paper. Other instruments have other forms of ink, but the simplest form of music can come from pianos. This is one of the most commonly learned instruments in the world, not just because of the foundational music lessons that you learn along with piano, but because it is also one of the most versatile instruments on the planet. The piano can make beautiful melodies or provide the rhythm all in the same song. It can lay down the base that all other instruments use to build off of. To learn this phenomenal instrument, you are likely going to need one-on-one lessons and the best of those come from private piano tutors with Premier Tutoring.

When you think of a piano, your mind probably does not immediately go to string instruments because you can easily forget that pianos have strings. They are hidden underneath a cover most of the time, so you do not make the connection in your mind that the keys that you are pressing correspond to hammers hitting strings underneath the surface. If you ever see the guts of a piano while someone is playing, it can be a really fascinating sight. Since pianos are acoustic string instruments, it is plainly obvious why they work so nicely with guitars. It makes a lot of sense that keyboards are a part of bands because they complement guitars nicely. The other thing that makes piano and guitar interchangeable at times is the use of chords. With a guitar, you are lining your fingers up on tabs, so you might not realize all of the component parts that make up the chord. Often, piano players have a much deeper understanding of music composition because they see the chord as multiple individual notes working together instead of a letter and the corresponding hand position. I can say as a guitar player that I am envious of piano players when I see how they are able to sit down and pop out a jam that makes musical sense. Piano lessons teach a lot more about music theory and notation, so you get a better all-around music education.

Throughout history, piano players have never lost their place in the landscape of music. The roles have shifted, but being able to play the piano at a high level has never been out of fashion. There are only a couple great flute players. There is a certain era where the best trumpeters played. Some instruments have their moment, led by famous experts, and then they fade away. The piano never has. The original legends are the likes of Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Sebastien Bach. Those are clear savants and their music has never and will never be forgotten. Yet, in the 21st century, we still have piano legends. I would say that Billy Joel and Elton John are the modern savants and while only time will tell the legacy of their music, they have kept piano at the forefront of popular culture in the world.

Looking back at my childhood, I was given the opportunity to learn the piano more than once, but I was never committed enough to learn it for real. It is one of my greatest regrets because I think that knowing to play the piano would make me a better musician overall. If I had taken advantage of the opportunities for piano tutors near me, maybe I could have made music more than a hobby.


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Learning any instrument is difficult. In many ways, music is like another language that you learn in addition to English and whatever other languages you might take. That even includes computer languages these days. With all of those, the only way to improve or even just maintain your ability is by practice, repetition, and study. There are no quick and easy solutions to learning to play an instrument. The only sort of equivalent that you can get to that is by working with private piano tutoring because tutors often have techniques that they can teach you to get better faster. They might teach you certain games or other exercises that can help you build up the practice without burning out. Repetition is boring and that grind sucks, buy that is why you work with someone that can help you make it more attractive.

A piano tutor, above all else, must be engaging and patient. When you are a kid, you are not interested in playing classical music, but that is usually what a lot of people work towards. I had a great music teacher when I was younger and the reason that he was able to get through to so many students was that he had a bit of a “one for me, one for you” policy when it came to learning songs. This was not a codified rule, but the general conceit was that we would get one fun song that we all loved for every song that we were learning from the old songbook. Instead of feeling like the songs were irrelevant because we were using old fashioned language or singing about large ships, we could learn music and enjoy the process. Great tutors know the perfect mix between the songs that drill skills and the songs that drill fun.

When you search for piano tutoring near me, you are going to find a lot of options, but what sets us apart is our track record of students who tell us how much they enjoy the lessons. You might look at piano success as the measure of worth, but we just want our students to love playing piano.


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