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Physiology Tutoring

There are a lot of –ologies out there. So many so that you might not even know half of them, let alone what each of them mean. Mostly, these things are coming from Ancient Greek names, so you are not really expected to know how to speak that language. That said, there are actually some hints in the word. The suffix –ology comes from “logia” which is the “study of.” That is pretty simple and self-explanatory. That should key you in as to why we have so many –ologies. The one that I want to talk about here is physiology, which is the study of “physis,” which is “nature.” That does not really cover it though. Physiology is the study of the functions and mechanisms that work within living things. Basically, that means it looks at how your body works on the inside without you even doing any conscious work. Learning about the body is not for everyone and might gross you out, but if you like mechanics inside our crazy bodies, private physiology tutors are a great resource to learn a little more about things work in there.

One of the key words to know in the field of physiology is homeostasis because it is the thing that you are trying to achieve and you are studying the ways in which the boy maintains it. That is usually taking place at the organ level of the body, which is why physiology students often study the individual organs and the systems they work in to keep the body moving and grooving. This might seem like something you would learn with a biology tutor, which actually is not wrong because physiology is a sub-discipline of biology. You are just going to go way deeper into the inner workings and focus on those above other parts of biology.

Some of what you will learn about are the major systems, like the endocrine and nervous systems. These are some of the functions of the body that do not take place on a viewable level physically. The endocrine system is made up of a series of glands and is in control of the hormones in your body. They regulate a lot of things within the body, including metabolism, growth and development, sexual function, mood, sleep, tissue function, reproduction, and a few others. At some point, we probably did not even know that hormones existed within the body, but the discovery explains a lot of why people are so unexplainable. There are forces working within your body at all times that are guiding who you are. We are just not presented with full information about ourselves at all times to be able to understand how our actions are being guided by the chemistry working inside of us.

Meanwhile, the nervous system is the collection of nerves and cells within the body that send signals between different parts of the body. It is essentially the electrical grid that powers everything and communicates through wires. The nervous system is what controls the endocrine system, signaling the release of hormones when that is necessary. The same way that your car pops up with a “fasten seatbelt” signal when you forget to click in, the body will tell you certain things with its own sensors as a part of the nervous system. Pain is just a signal sent through your nerves telling you that something is wrong.

Learning about all of these functions and how they work together is vital to improving the quality and length of life on the planet. In previous generations, we relied on physical strength and other naturally formed attributes to pass on the right genes to the next generation and survive natural selection. Now, we use science to break the code. With physiology tutors near me, you have the chance to figure out better ways for us to use the bodies we have been gifted.


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There is something cool about the idea of private physiology tutoring to me. There is an inherent need for understanding humans in being a tutor, although that comes more on a social and mental level. Physiology is understanding everything else in the body. So combining the two might actually take more specialty than just physiology on its own. These tutors should probably be experts on everything there is to know about the way that we work as people.

That sounds like a lot of pressure, so let me ease your worries. We are not looking for the perfect people to be tutors. Mostly because those people do not exist. Everyone is made up of flaws and unique qualities that make them special. That is something physiologists should understand more than anything. Instead of trying to tamp down on what makes you unique, we work with you to turn your greatest differentiator into your super power. We look for people that are like Liam Neeson’s character in the Taken movies. They have a particular set of skills and they will use them to tutor the face off your kid. Instead of Taken, the students are Failin, but that is why the action star tutor is going to fight the bad grades away.

When we interview our tutors, we are probably not going to focus much on what you actually know about physiology. You should know enough about physiology to get the interview. We want you to come to us with the idea that we are looking for great people before we are looking for the smartest person in the room. In fact, we want people that are comfortable not being the smartest person in the room. The best tutors are able to make the student feel like the smartest person in the room. They empower the student to flourish under the guidance of a professional, but also make them feel like they will be able to keep up the same high level after the training wheels come off. When we find physiology tutoring near me, we want it to be the best people around, not just the smartest.


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