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When I got to high school, I was the third child from my family to go to the same high school. I am a pretty good deal younger than my siblings, so we did not have a lot of the same teachers, but we did all share the same physics teacher, which I thought was going to be great. My brother is about as smart as anyone I have ever met. He was so good at math that he ran out of classes to take in high school and needed to go to the local state university to quench his appetite to learn. He would go on to a mechanical engineering degree and rocket science master’s but started off as the whiz kid who could ace physics class like it was nothing. Our teacher fell in love. My brother loved cars and our teacher did too. His grandfather was the inventor of a popular beauty product and the inheritance mostly came to him. He used that money to buy cars and boats, making him the coolest teacher to roll into the parking lot. They were two peas in a pod and it inspired his love for physics.

For my sister, it was a little difficult living in our brother’s shadow and she was never a math and science kind of person. She was more social and that let her work with other kids in the class to get better. She ended up doing fine, but she did things her own way, different from our brother. When the time rolled around for me to take this class, I was probably the least prepared. I was smart like my brother and nerdy like him too, but I was not the man’s man that he and our physics teacher were. I was more into goofing around, which was not what this man was interested in. He saw me as a nuisance. Meanwhile, I felt like I was losing out because I was just as interested as my brother. I just did not connect with my teacher. I would have been the perfect person for private physics tutors.

Instead, I just did the best that I could. One of the most fun assignments during physics was the physics fair, where you choose one of three challenges to complete that each test the concepts of force that we had learned up to that point. The one that I chose, which most others did, was a bridge building competition using popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and glue. We were tasked with constructing something that could withstand a five-pound brick and potentially a second brick on top. My best friend and I designed a heavy duty bridge that could hold an entire textbook. It was able to hold two bricks and could probably have gone to as many as four or five bricks. We brought our bridge into class and held every brick put on top of our creation. That said, we still got a C on the project because we did not realize that they were also testing the weight of our bridge. Ours held the most, but also weighed the most. I blame the teacher if you asked me.

Physics is one of the most important scientific fields because it helps you understand force and movement. You learn about gravity and potentially what it takes to fight against gravity. There are a lot of great things to learn, which is why you should hire physics tutors near me to get learn them all.


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There are a lot of tough science classes that you will take in high school. Chemistry is one that is complicated enough that you might seek chemistry tutoring to help you keep all of the elements straight. With physics, you might also need private physics tutoring to keep all of the equations of force straight.

The thing about teachers and tutors is that finding the right one is a process that has always seemed impossible. It takes enough work just to find someone that is good enough, so finding the perfect person is even more work than that. That is just not something that you are built to do. The thing about the differences in experience that my siblings and I had in physics is that we are all different people, so it should be expected that things only worked out just right for one of the three of us. That he was able to reach through with any of us should be surprising enough.

Finding the right tutor should not have to be so hard. You should never have to worry about qualifications of the tutor because that should be given in the assumptions. If you are in the profession of tutoring, being knowledgeable about the subject is the obvious prerequisite. Parents should be presented with a bunch of choices of great tutors where the only variable is personality. This way, you can focus on finding the right one for your student. Premier Tutoring vets the tutors in advance because you should not waste your time on those steps and should focus entirely on the steps that will matter in making your student a well-rounded individual.

Looking into physics tutoring near me should be the standard for parents everywhere because of the great results that we have seen. Our team is full of the strongest tutors around and they have shown great success in the past. We are always looking for great new faces to add to the team, but only those that are worthy of the reputation. We look for people that are going to make a good name for us because we are all going to benefit from the great publicity associated with our name. We want the first thought in tutoring to be the great tutors at Premier Tutoring, including you. Once you apply to work with us, we will take a look into your background and see if you are the right fit. You do not have to have extensive degrees to show that you would make a great addition. You just need to show us that you care about the students.


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