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I heard a story once, but I am not sure how much truth there is to it. Back in the early 2010s, at Stanford, there was a young man with an idea. He had watched a lot of episodes of Shark Tank and had seen a lot of people think of a problem in their lives and develop a product that solved those problems. He dreamed of presenting in front of Mark Cuban and Mr. Wonderful, but he did not have the killer idea to get himself on the show. Meanwhile, he was dealing with a long distance relationship that was killing him. He kept texting his girlfriend asking if they could do more in their Skype sessions, but she kept reminding him, “The internet is forever.” He thought to himself. What if the internet was not forever?

He started looking into private PHP tutors once he realized that he might be able to develop something with that mission in mind. He thought about what a potential app could look like and started pitching it to friends. “Like, you can send a picture of your butt to someone, but they can only look at it for 10 seconds. Then, it is gone forever.” Eyebrows were raised. “But what if I want to look for longer than 10 seconds?” He smiled back. “That’s it. 10 seconds and it’s over.” Most people looked at him like he was insane or he was just being creepy. “That’s a little desperate, dude. I don’t think people are like that.” He was determined. “You’d be surprised.”

One day, he said the same pitch about 10 seconds to someone and they asked a new question. “What if someone just screenshots it?” He was stumped. How do I get around this? He started asking a programming buddy and he had an interesting idea. “Can you notify the person sending if someone takes a screenshot? That way, at least they can call the person out for doing it.” The founder lit up. “That’s brilliant!” He hired his buddy as the first coder on the team, but they realized that they would need more help because neither of them was great at PHP or actually getting the business going. His new coder was an expert in Python.

They found a business student at a frat party one night when they were talking to each other about the idea. “Bro, did you just say you can send girls dirty pics of yourself and they just disappear as if nothing happened?” The founder looked back. “It’s a little more complicated than that.” But the guy was already ten steps ahead. “That gimmick is going to get old pretty fast. You have to come up with a way to keep people using the app, but that they will want to use all the time. We aren’t going to compete with Facebook, but we can find our own space with the pictures.” The founder looked back. “Wait… We?”

With that, the team was formed. The business guy was throwing names around. “No ‘the’ in the name. Did any of you guys see that Facebook movie? Justin Timberlake was right. No ‘the’ in the name.” The coders looked back at him like he was crazy. They were just guys who had ideas and wanted to use PHP tutors near me to learn how to make those ideas a reality. They never expected things to get to this level. “We’re going to go global. We’re going to be the next big thing in photos. I’m telling you.” Suddenly, the founder was the one along for the ride.


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There are a lot of people that take advantage of coders and think that they are going to just come up with the idea and not do any of the work. It takes more than a hefty inheritance and a good idea to make an idea work as a business and that is why you need to supplement your good app idea with development skills by getting private PHP tutoring. That is a lesson that the Winklevoss Twins learned the hard way when they were starting their version of Facebook. According to the story, they were the ones that had the idea, but Mark Zuckerberg was the one that executed. It was a cutthroat move, but it was why he was able to get them out of the company with a one-time payment instead of giving them a large stake in his growing empire. Their share still made them millionaires for life, but they might have missed out on turning that M into a B.

The problem with coders is that they can be a little unsocial sometimes due to the nature of what they do. They spend a lot of time working on their own, so you might find them in their own world with a pair of noise-canceling headphones to eliminate any distractions. That is not to say that all coders are hermits and can’t interact with other humans, but it is definitely a career that does not mind an introvert, whereas tutoring requires an extrovert that understands people. Finding the right match between tutor and student is more difficult because some people take time to develop a relationship and come out of their shell, but you might not reach that point if you are not satisfied with your tutor and choose to switch.

Finding PHP tutoring near me is easier when you are clear about your own interests and have some emotional intelligence to know what conditions you succeed under. Some people think that strict oversight is too much, but others thrive when they have someone to keep them accountable. It all depends on your personality, which is, inherently, personal. It is in the name. When you know yourself, we can get to your best practices quicker and you can get to coding in no time. Our help has taken students from the idea phase of creating an app all the way through to the execution phase, allowing businesses to form and students achieving their dreams.


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