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Photography Tutoring

Now that we all have a camera on us at all times, everyone thinks that they are a photographer. Back in the day, everything was done on film, so you had to buy expensive film, only had a certain number of pictures you could take, the film was very fragile and prone to damage even by leaving it out in the sun, you had to develop the film in a dark room, and also had to have access to a dark room. Adding effects was not something that you could do with a swipe. Now, we have the ability to take almost unlimited photos, with lens that capture more images per second than you might think possible with the eye. You can take “live images” with an iPhone that allow you to pick the perfect frame out of a collection of snaps that you take. You can then take those photos, with the help of filters developed in Snapchat and Instagram, and turn them into gorgeous art that seemed reserved only for professionals in the past.

But there is more to taking pictures than pointing and clicking. Everyone seems to say that you should take pictures from a high angle, but I happened to stop a professional photographer to take a picture of me and a friend and she said that low angle actually helped more. It is that kind of subtle change that makes the difference in photography and that is what you can learn with private photography tutors.

I read an article once about Mark Zuckerberg and his style when taking photos. Zuckerberg, like many other CEOs, is hyper-aware and focuses on details that most people would never think of. He is also rather short in comparison to others, just 5’7” or 5’8”. It is not a reflection on his massive persona, but he might feel diminutive in pictures when placed next to taller people. Especially with other CEOS, as 58% of Fortune 500 CEOs are taller than six feet. That is why he developed strategies to make sure that he takes great pictures. For one, he has a great understanding of perspective. Height is all relative and can be manipulated very easily. Zuckerberg tries to position himself closer to the camera because things look smaller as they are further away. He uses illusions to make it seem like he is tall. This is also a technique employed in the promotional materials for Shark Tank. Lori Greiner is noticeably shorter than her fellow sharks, but they place her closer to the camera to make her seem like an equal. Zuckerberg also understands the importance of posture. When a picture is taken, he is standing as straight as possible, with his chest pushed out. If you look at posed shots of the Facebook CEO, you will notice his techniques.

Professional photographers are more than people who know how to get the best angle. There is also an art history aspect that a lot of photographers really enjoy. In a photography curriculum, you might look at how photographed images have evolved over time, possibly giving you a better understanding of the techniques that you use and guidance as to what you should use in the future. Knowing what comes before and what the typical rules are allows you to break the rules when you want to make something new. If you have a good eye for images, search for photography tutors near me.


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Our attention is more spread out than ever. In a lot of ways, the introduction of video has made capturing still images a lost art form. A lot of people never stop to see the beauty of the world around them, which is a large part of photography. If you can evoke emotion and beauty from a still image, that is much more difficult than doing so with a video. There are more videos than ever before, but, if you can get someone to stop and spend time with a picture, that is a very valuable skill.

We are flipping through pictures too on a daily basis. Any social media feed is going to be a collection of images from your friends. If you use Instagram stories, you might flip through people’s lives with incredible speed, just tapping along. Photos are gone in less than ten seconds, so you get used to flying right through. Private photography tutoring is about helping you figure out the ways to get someone to stop their thumb from skipping to the next one, which is something that people rarely do. Better yet, maybe they stop long enough to go back and look again.

You want to find someone that works with you to figure out your goals as a photographer, which might be hard to find. I have met a lot of rich kids in LA that think that photography will be their career because they traveled the world on their parents’ dime and took some really cool pictures along the way. There are a lot of people that think that taking a picture of an underprivileged child and adding some cool effects is akin to charity because they are exposing people to the plight. Sometimes, these people have good intentions, but I have seen time after time as these people are also the ones working in completely different fields a month or so later. I have seen more than one person with a gallery show for their vacation photos that followed by quitting photography altogether. If you are serious about photography and are not just someone who searched photography tutoring near me on a lark, we can help you find your way to a photography career.

Meanwhile, if you are someone who just wants to improve your pictures for your own personal use, that is a solid goal too. We can help you line up better shots so you can get more likes on your pics or just look better than your friends. You might put on a lot of makeup to look good, but you can do wonders for yourself when you find the right angles for yourself. Mariah Carey might get called a diva because she is so particular about which side of her face she allows to get photographed, but she knows how to look good. Getting better at photography might be the way you up your Tinder profile to get way more matches.


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