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Phonics Tutoring

Phonics is an approach to teaching people how to read and write. For the most part, when we think about phonics we think about how it helps children. However, this system is one that can be translated to adults as well who are trying to learn the English language. But right now you do not want your child to have to worry about this as an adult, so you want to get them the help that they need immediately. All of the other children in their class are doing the work and reading at a certain level, but your child is not quite there yet. Whenever you ask their teacher they tell you that these types of things take time.

However, your child is telling you that they are not really learning in class because they cannot focus. The teacher has to talk to several other students which causes your child to be in a state of constant confusion. Now you are on the lookout for “phonics tutoring near me.” You need someone who is going to be able to provide your student with the necessary attention while also providing invaluable feedback. Basically, you want to receive a service that your child is not getting while they are in class. We understand this issue and it is something that our reading tutors deal with all the time.

As mentioned, this is not just a service that is provided for children it is also available for those who are learning English. America is home to immigrants of all different backgrounds, races, and ethnicities which means we have individuals come to the states who do not know how to speak the language. If you or any of your family members falls into this category then you might be wondering how you can get some much-needed assistance. This will come in the form of one of our “phonics tutors near me.” The thing about working with a language tutor is that you are going to need someone who understands your certain issues.

Each and every student will have a problem that is unique to their circumstances. For some students, it will be writing and for others, it will be reading. It might even be a combination of the two or something that was not even listed. Regardless, we can help you out at Premier Tutoring. We just had a student who moved to Texas from Mexico.  Their first language was Spanish and they were having issues with the grammar associated with the English language. They needed someone who could sit down with them and break things down in a manner that made sense.

But they were also requesting that the tutor be fluent in Spanish as well. We got this student matched with a professional in no time and it really helped them take off and live a better life in America. They were able to work more jobs and now they are just about fluent in the English language. That is not the only time we have helped someone go from novice to fluent speaker.


Who we hire?


When you start working with private phonics tutoring you want to make sure that the instructor is an awesome individual. There is little worse, in the educational field than dealing with an unenthusiastic instructor. They can literally suck the life out of the course materials and leave a rotten taste in the mouth of the student. Teachers are meant to mold the minds of the next generation of great thinkers. What students learn in class, especially while they are younger, will influence the way that they go about life.

I have teachers that I still think about this day and some of the information that they taught me while I was in school is translatable right now. If your child is working with a teacher who is not leaving a good impression then you will need to work with someone on the outside. A tutor whom you can trust with your child’s ability to learn has to be an absolute professional. Reading, writing, and speaking are the core factors when it comes to being able to use the English language. One false step will cause your child to end up in a pile of mess that is close to impossible to get out of later on in life.

Good habits have to be established right away by someone who understands the way in which to work with children. There is absolutely a right and wrong way to approach the developing mind of a young student. Techniques that work for a sophomore in high school will not translate over to your average kindergarten student. The tutor will have to make sure that the child is having fun and enjoying themselves while they are in the lessons. If this does not happen then the child will tune out everything that is being taught by the tutor and focus on anything at all. This is why we only employ tutors who are respected in their field.

Not their first time around the block, we work with seasoned professionals who take pride in their work. You can search high and low for “phonics tutoring near me” but you will never find anything as reliable as Premier Tutoring. Our service starts the very instant that you give our team of service reps a ring. They will answer your call and any questions that you might have about what we offer. We want you to be able to focus on helping your child without all of the additional worry of finding a reliable tutor.

All of that work has been done for you, all you need to do is let us know what it is you need. From there we will use or resource pool of tutors to put you in contact with a professional who can bring out the best in your child. Reading and writing can be fun, but it takes the right type of person to show this to a child. We have several of those people available for you to start working with today. Give us a call so your child can start having a ball.


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