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Philosophy Tutoring

Philosophy literally means love of wisdom, so when you think about what that means, it might be hard to lock down what that actually entails. Philosophers answer the questions of life and do so by pondering, arguing, and discussing points until you can come to conclusions. Sometimes, you can see the questions of philosophy as vague or irrelevant, especially when you get into the more theoretical forms of philosophy. The truth is that you are asking these questions because the world needs morals and ethics and we are constantly adapting to new norms. As we attempt to understand the world, philosophy comes in to regulate some of our interactions. When you are looking to learn about philosophy, you pretty much have to just study the great philosophers and bounce ideas off of peers. If you are struggling to understand the greats, you are going to want to work with private philosophy tutors to help fill in the blanks. When you get help from a professional, they can help you figure out exactly what those old guys were talking about.

Throughout the years, there have been many famous philosophers that have shaped the discourse of their time. Our modern day leaders in philosophy include Noam Chomsky and Ludwig Wittgenstein, but the names that you know probably go far back to BC times. The original philosophers that we hear about are the great Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. In Asia, you usually hear about some of their most famous like Confucius and Lao-Tzu. In Russia, Karl Marx is one of the most famous thinkers ever. In Europe, Rene Descartes, Immanuel Kant, Soren Kierkegaard, Niccolo Machiavelli, Friedrich Nietzche, Thomas Aquinas, and Jean-Paul Sartre are some of the great philosophers in history. In America, Ralph Waldo Emerson is considered one of the great philosophers. In England, there was John Locke and Sir Francis Bacon bringing revelations to many other thinkers. There have been a plethora of great philosophers throughout history and you could join their ranks if you want to ponder similar questions.

There are a few different ways of looking at the study of philosophy. In one breakdown posited by Diogenes Laertius, the first historian of philosophy, philosophical inquiry can be divided into three parts: natural, moral, and metaphysical. Natural covers the things that are physical in the world. Moral covers the study of right, wrong, justice, and virtue. Metaphysical is more abstract, but can include logic and existence. These three can cover philosophy pretty well, but there is another way that you can look at it. The four pillars can be broken down into theoretical, practical, logic, and history. The theoretical is similar to the abstract ideas, practical covering applicable questions about life, logic teaching about knowing what good reasoning looks like, and history to see how people pondered these same questions throughout history.

Philosophy can be a great discipline to study if you want to law. A lot of the questions in moral philosophy are the basis for how we came up with our laws in the first place. Good philosophers are using our philosophical learnings to shape law at the political level. Lawyers also need the logic side of philosophy to help build arguments that are persuasive. The history aspect is almost the most applicable to law because lawyers are always looking into precedent to prove their point. The basis of law is that we follow the traditions of the past to shape the decisions of the future and that is true in philosophy.

Whatever your reason for learning philosophy, the best way to help your practice outside of class is by searching for philosophy tutors near me. With Premier Tutoring, you can get help to answer all of the difficult questions of life.


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Normally in our matching process, we talk about how we want to find out about your interests so that we can find someone that is just like you and is able to help you learn and grow because of the similar experience you share and the bond that is built through those similarities. That might work for other kinds of tutoring, but in private philosophy tutoring, we have a bit of a different philosophy when it comes to that regard. Wordplay not intended, but I will leave it there for you. We feel that the best philosophy tutoring comes from people with different worldview from you because it is going to challenge the way that you think. It is actually a much more mutual relationship than you think because the same way that you are being challenged by our tutor, you are challenging their worldview right back. The discussion will undoubtedly lead to interesting results that you can take forward with you.

There are so many legendary thinkers out there, but are we looking for someone that is as smart as all of them? The simple answer is no, but you can get kind of close. The whole thing about these philosophers is that they publish their work. A great philosophy tutor can teach you the lessons of the great philosophers and hopefully, they sink in to make you a better person.

I would say the best philosophy tutor of all time is Chidi Anagonye. He might not be a real person, instead one of the lead characters on The Good Place, but he represents everything that we look for in a philosophy tutor. The first thing is his unbridled love of all things philosophy. This guy talks about Immanuel Kant like he is the fourth member of the Migos. The second thing that makes him great is that he cares about his students. He tutors the worst of the worst patiently because he believes that moral philosophy lessons can make them better people. We want our tutors to care about the humanity of their students.

When you search for philosophy tutoring near me, you will find someone prepared to help you live a better life. Our team of incredible tutors will help you become the person that you were always meant to be.


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