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Pharmacology Tutoring

If you are good with prefixes or you figured it out from similar words, pharmacology is the study of how and why drugs work. It encapsulates a lot of different aspects, including composition, synthesis and design, mechanisms in the body, signal communication, diagnostics, and more. For most with an interest in the subject, you are likely getting into a field of scientific testing and research. Whereas pharmacy is the practical application of the skills learned in pharmacology, you are not as likely to work with patients in a pharmacology career. The closest that you might get is in medical testing.

The medical field is very interesting because doctors have lots of resources to save lives, but they almost have just as many that can end them. There is no such thing as a drug without side effects, which is a large part of what pharmacologists study. For the most part, drugs are developed to target a specific goal, but the wild thing is that sometimes the greatest discoveries come from the unintended side effects of another drug. For example, a group of ophthalmologists specializing in eye muscle disorders was searching for a way to stop involuntary eye movements. They ended up injecting some botulinum toxin, mostly known at the time as a poisonous offshoot of spoiled sausage, into monkeys. The monkeys’ muscles became paralyzed and the scientists were stunned. They eventually built upon this and pivoted, having discovered what many people use today to stay young-looking: Botox. Viagra had a similar history, originally starting off as a drug to treat heart pain before they realized it stimulated blood flow in a certain part of the anatomy.

Most people think about the diseases that we can’t cure when it comes to pharmaceuticals, but there are so many different types of drugs that can help the body that the field can be rewarding to many inquisitive scientists. It is just going to take a lot of hard work, which is why we suggest getting some help with private pharmacology tutors. There are a lot of difficult concepts in the drug game that stump people, especially when it comes to the base scientific classes that are prerequisites.

In college, my mind was boggled every time a chemistry student told me how much work they had to do. I am still not entirely sure what it all was because I was so disinterested that I did not even want to take the time learning what I did not know. Meanwhile, chemistry students tear their hair out. My dad, who went on to a medical career, still talks about how much he feared organic chemistry. Yet, that is one of the main subjects you need to get onto a pharma track.

Typically, the jobs that you get after you obtain a pharmacology degree are going to be research related. That might mean sticking around in academia or moving on to a company that specializes in research. Although not in the US, Britain is the place to be when it comes to pharmaceuticals, as they invest large sums into the research and development of new products. In addition to drug discovery, you can also find other paths in pharmacology through clinical trials, patents and patent law, sales, scientific writing, and more.

If you are looking to work in a field saving lives, but have more skills working in a lab than you do working with people, pharmacology might be the right space for you. If you are considering medical research as a career, search for pharmacology tutors near me today.


Who we hire?


Finding the right private pharmacology tutoring for you depends a lot on the type of pharmacology you want to study, which opens the door for a wide variety of tutors.

For example, neuropharmacology studies the effects of medication on the central and peripheral nervous systems. This can include treating certain psychological disorders through the management of neurotransmitters, such as SSRIs being used to treat depression. It also covers neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease. Another form of pharmacology studies the effects that drugs have on mood, thinking, and behavior. You might think that there is some overlap there, but the word “psychoactive” might put you on a better track. This form of study focuses on the drugs that you normally refer to as drugs and not medication. You might study hallucinogens, hypnotics, cannabis and cannabinoids, stimulants, and opioids. This is where you might go if you want to study cocaine, heroin, magic mushrooms, marijuana, ecstasy, and other drug drugs.

The tutor that you get is going to be someone that is focused on the sub-genre that you choose. If you are into cardiovascular pharmacology (heart stuff), you would be very disappointed if you were forced to work with someone whose expertise is in toxicology. Even if they know the material, you might want someone in the specific field you are interested in because you can ask practical questions that help you get better. There are so many different specializations in pharmacology that a simple search for pharmacology tutoring near me is probably not going to be enough to find you the right person. In most cases, the only way to find the right tutoring in this field is to work with a tutoring company like Premier Tutoring, as we have the massive network of tutors already in your area to sort through. Instead of doing your own research and getting stuck between choosing a pharmacogenomics tutor and a safety pharmacology tutor when you really want a systems pharmacology tutor, use our help to get the systems one right out of the gate.

In such a difficult space, tutoring might mean the difference between getting that extra night of sleep and pulling an all-nighter that leaves you too drained to know the answers anyway. We want professionals that can take a student that is struggling, teach them strategies to succeed, and leave them feeling empowered to continue working on their own. We do not want to leave you in need of additional tutoring once you are done. If anything, we hope that you sign up with us again to find a tutor in another subject because you have seen how much you improved with the first one.


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