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Perl Tutoring

Okay, so before we dive into the programming language of Perl and all that you need to know about private Perl tutors, we need to first distinguish what we are talking about because there are actually two different Perl languages. For this, let us assume that you are working in the Perl 5 framework, as opposed to the newer and somewhat evolved version called Perl 6. You might be wondering why Perl 5 even exists when there is a 6 out, but they decided to not make it easy on any of us when they went to the next level for some reason by continuing the numbering of Perl, even though 5 was meant to stick around. There is also a language called PEARL, but that is completely different and not at all what we are talking about. Perl was originally developed in the late 80s based in Unix, but has since gone through some changes and revisions. Perl 6 was originally meant as a redesign of 5, but it became its own thing. Although they are now developed independently and Perl 5’s evolution has taken another path, the teams still work together to build, as they are technically working with similar languages. I would say it is a bit like Christianity and Judaism, with the former derived from the latter, but the two have gone on completely divergent paths.

When it comes to programming, people often look for code to be as clean as possible because sloppy code leads to errors that are hard to find and trying to debug bad code can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Those code errors can leave you spending hours searching for the bug in the code and that is something that people have problems with when it comes to Perl. There are two interesting metaphors used to describe Perl, which speak to the sloppy code. The first is that it is the “duct tape that holds the internet together.” This is a reference to the fact that it is necessary for the internet to keep running smoothly, but the same way that duct tape is not great at holding a building together, Perl is the makeshift solution that you use to fill the cracks in an emergency. It is not to say that it will eventually break down, but duct tape is more of a last resort than a top choice. The second interesting metaphor to describe Perl is that it is the “Swiss Army chainsaw of scripting languages.” The change on the normal phrasing is chainsaw in place of knife because a chainsaw has way more power than a knife and can cut bigger things, but also does so in a bit of a sloppy way. Despite all of these facts, Perl is still a language that many people need to learn because it can be the savior you need in a pinch. Instead of hiring a totally new C tutor to help you with the problems, knowing Perl might allow you to come up with a creative solution to your issue that does the trick just as well.

In terms of the applications of Perl, you might choose to use it for things like writing CGI scripts, which is probably the biggest use for the language. This is not the CGI like you see in a film, but instead something called Common Gateway Interface, which are standard protocols used to run programs on dynamically created web pages. When a company is creating a site that needs many unique pages, they often create them dynamically to save time, so having the Perl support is essential to making sure that there are no errors that tank the pages. Searching for Perl tutors near me is the best way that you will find to do those things.


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One of the things that I think is really interesting about Perl is the fact that it is seen as the glue that brings systems together that were never designed to work together originally. I think of that like the friend that you have that introduces you to new people that you would find interesting, but would never meet otherwise. Having that friend can be a lifesaver because you can make connections with people that help in your life and the same is true with Perl, where you can make connections with programs that would benefit from each other’s features, even if the original design never had the partnership in mind. It is pretty cool when a plan comes together and that is something that you can learn with your private Perl tutoring.

We also try to take this philosophy to heart when we are matching students and tutors. When you first call us up and sign up with us to get going, we are not going to assign you a tutor right away. Some people want to just pick a tutor from a dropdown menu like you would buy something on Amazon, but people are not like products and they are not all the same. Going through their profiles might help you distinguish qualities that you think you like, but only our expert team of matchers can really let you know if the person is the right one for you to work with. When you sign up, we focus on asking the right questions to get a better sense of who you are as a student. I will say that in the past, I have been asked about what learning style works best for me and that is a much vaguer question than a lot of people think that it is. The people that are the experts on learning styles are the teachers, not the students. With our questions, we will help you come to your best learning style by getting more specific with you and guiding you along the way. By searching for Perl tutoring near me, you are getting the tutor that you want thanks to our experience matching people, which is our expertise, not yours.


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