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Painting Tutoring

Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Jean Michel Basquiat, Frida Kahlo are just a few of the names that you think about when the word painting is brought up in a conversation. Our private painting tutors at Premier Tutoring will be able to expose you to so much more than this as well. It is part of the process that we offer, we are constantly looking to help students become stronger students and artists. If you want to really become a painter it goes deeper than just being able to pain on the canvas, you also need to understand the styles of painting.

Art History tutors will allow you to really dive into this art form so that you can know what you are doing when it comes to actually use the brushes. There is so much that goes into actually being a talented painter, and it starts before you even start mixing paint. Artists spend years learning about and from other painters that are around them. Even those who started at a young age were typically exposed to great art early on. Subconsciously they were internalizing everything they were seeing and used that to develop into strong painters. Even when you go further than just the history of art, there are certain textures and brush strokes that can evoke certain emotions from viewers. When you understand this, I mean really understand it, you will see your art start to evolve.

Anyone can take a few paint brushes and a canvas and then turn it into “art.” Art is subjective, but if you want to take it seriously you have to put more thought and effort into what you are creating. Just splashing some paint on an empty canvas is not going to get you the attention that is required to be considered a serious artist. Maybe taking art seriously is not really your thing, but you are looking for ways to express yourself creatively. Painting has always been something you were interested in but you never acted on it. You did not know where to start or you just did not have the time. These are no longer excuses thanks to Premier Tutoring.

When you search for “painting tutors near me” you will be put in contact with professionals who can come right to your doorstep. You will receive exquisite painting lessons from someone who has put years into perfecting their craft. Typically you would have to go to a class or enroll in an art school. But not any more thanks to Premier Tutoring. You will be able to feel safe in your sessions and not show anyone your art until you are ready.

Learning how to paint at a young age can really help with your child’s developmental skills. But you do not want your child learning from someone who does not know how to take good care of your child. We have vetted all of our tutors so you do not have to worry about being matched with someone who has never worked with children before.


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If you want to become a better painter it is going to be a grueling process. It will not be fun or exciting at times while you are in your basement working hard on developing your style. But it will be all worth it one day when you start making incredible masterpieces. However, things can get a lot easier if you start off with private painting tutoring sessions with Premier Tutoring. This is a great first step for you to take if you really want to take this seriously as a career. Surely, you have natural abilities and you might have even taken art classes while you were younger. But they will not compare to what you will experience with one of our art tutors.

“The demons you have are what motivate you to make your art” was spoken by Tom Reiss. Your art can make the world bigger and change the way that people view it, but you have to be in touch with yourself. This is something that you may need someone else to help you uncover. Any painter or artists that you admire had a mentor at some point. With Premier Tutoring you will be getting the opportunity to not only work with a mentor but you can pick them. In most cases, the mentor is the one who picks the pupil. But with Premier Tutoring you will let us know what you are looking for out of your tutor and we will get them in contact with you.


There will be no stress on your side as we want you to fully focus on becoming a better artist. Although stress is a major part of being an artist, it will not be part of your process when it comes to finding a tutor. We want you to be able to shine like the diamond that you are, you just need to put your best foot forward. All of our tutors have been working as painting tutors for at least five years and they have at least a Bachelor’s Degree. You might even want to work with a tutor who has sold a painting or know what it takes to be an actual professional artist. We can get you matched with someone who fits that description.

Perhaps you want your child to learn with a tutor who can make painting fun. You are more concerned with them enjoying themselves than actually learning the skills. We can get that set up for you without a problem. When your back is against the wall and you feel like all you are doing is talking about fixing the issue, you need to search for “painting tutoring near me.” Nothing will feel better than we are able to come through and get things done for you in a timely fashion all while you sit back and enjoy. The tutor will come to your house and help you, your child or your grandmother. Whoever needs help will have Premier Tutoring to thank when they are painting their first family portrait to be hung up in the living room for all to enjoy.


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