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When I was growing up, school was very important to my parents. They were both very smart people that got graduate degrees and did successful stuff, so they put a lot of pressure on us to do well in school. Even still, my dad talked about the class that was the most brutal and feared in all of his or my mom’s careers and that was organic chemistry. It is such a pain to him that I know about it because I studied nothing to do with science or the body and I still know about how horrible it is. Organic chemistry is something that many students have to take if they are on a pre-med track, which is why it is so commonly feared. I should mention that I also heard about organic chemistry from my mom. She was pre-med going into college, but quit and switched paths after two classes of organic chemistry. It was literally so scary that she switched majors. Maybe not scary because she could have nailed it, but it was certainly an annoyance not worth the trouble. My dad powered through, but acts like a war veteran when talking about it. If my parents’ experiences are any indication, you should understand why so many people are seeking private organic chemistry tutors.

Of all of the classes that you take, you might wonder what makes organic chemistry such a pain in the butt. The reason is that it is one of the most demanding classes that you can take. You might find that in the overall pie chart of time spent studying for each of your classes, it is a full pie of organic chemistry and slivers for the others that are so small that the names do not fit in the slice. Most college classes assign 100 pages of textbook reading for a two day assignment and that is considered standard. In fact, that is usually just an element of a much larger set of tasks and assignments due two days later. The added bonus is that you are going to have to remember tons and tons of reactions and other chemistry nomenclature along the way that will add hours and hours to your studying. That is actually why it is such a perfect opportunity to look up organic chemistry tutors near me because tutors are a great resource when it comes to memorizing lots of things. You are not going to go to any old chemistry tutor for the task of learning organic chemistry because there are going to be common mnemonics and other good memorization tricks specific to organic chemistry that you can try out.

In addition to going to tutors for help, we also suggest that you form study groups with your classmates to help study together. In most cases, you are probably all living in close proximity of each other or the campus, so arranging times to work together can be a great strategy to stay ahead or prep for tests when they come around. The class is going to take a lot out of you, so having friends and tutors to keep you positive and motivated will help make sure that you stay on track and keep the class manageable. Learning this much information in this short amount of time is something that nobody is prepared for when they get to organic chemistry, so it should bring you no shame to encounter the same struggles. The smart ones know when to ask for help, which is where your tutor can come in to boost you back up and keep your grade on target.


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Getting a tutor from us means that you are getting someone with prior experience both learning and tutoring in the subject that you request. That probably means that your tutor as at least 6 years where they have been deeply into the organic chemistry material. They go over problems with students every year that are just like you, but the question really is not whether the tutors are qualified, which they are in spades, but who is the right tutor out of our qualified supply that can help this individual student based on their personal needs. It actually throws right back to you when you are looking for organic chemistry tutoring near me because you need to tell us what makes you tick, so we can provide you with the best quality service. I have always found that evaluating myself on the spot can be quite difficult, but you do not have to worry about remembering your best teachers because we can ask all of the right questions to help bring that out of you. Once that is done, our matching process begins and we can get you someone that is ready to help you ace the class.

Our tutors range in backgrounds from recent graduates to people that have had careers in science. We have found that both have a lot to offer students, even if they are not offering quite the same. From recent graduates, you get the most up to date knowledge. A lot of times, the curriculums change in organic chemistry, even if the concepts are the same. Someone closer to the class has better insights. You might even get a TA, who can tell you what is going on with more precision. With scientists that have had experience in the field, we have found that the anecdotal knowledge that they can impart, in addition to the same quality tutoring as anyone else, is reason to trust them too. No matter who we match you with, you can always change it up and find the best for you through your own experience.

Private organic chemistry tutoring is something you might not have considered when you started the class, but there is never a time that is too late to start tutoring. Even if your class is over, working with someone to make sure that you are an expert can make all of the difference.


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