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The world of marketing is changing as we know it. A traditional marketing background still applies when moving to the new generation of reaching consumers online, but there are certain techniques that are being developed as we go. In many ways, the experts in marketing are not the old generation of ad men, but the young, new generation of Twitter hashtag geniuses and master influencers are the ones figuring it out as they go.

A social media maven that I met got into a job as the head of marketing for one of the bands we grew up on because she was an active Twitter and Instagram user from the inception of each. She was active in Twitter communities, which could have been seen as a waste of time, but she found a way to make a career of it. One thing that you can never discount is passion and she showed how passion transitioned to competence by making her own way. In a world where attention is moving at a mile a minute, it is not the most experienced that get ahead, but the most keyed into what consumers are willing to engage with. Where do the commercial makers go now that we watch everything on Netflix?

For many professionals that are well-versed in marketing, but not great with new forms, finding private online marketing tutoring is the best way to stay in the game. Where new machines might make old jobs obsolete, the same thing has happened in marketing. You can hire younger, cheaper workers because they are not proven, but actually have enough skill to make up the gap. Ultimately, the experience will always give you an edge, so learning the basics of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more can make the difference between getting pushed out and staying in a high paying career.

At some point, we will not face this issue of pushing the old guard out. Online marketing is here to stay and it will be the standard one day. These young workers now will be the old guard before long and they will get pushed out by the generation after them. There will undoubtedly be another new technology that changes the game, as people are always finding new ways. If the radio men of the past found a way when video came around, people are going to find a way to adapt in the future. Someday soon, online marketing will be a key part of any marketing curriculum, but, for now, marketers need to find new options.

Searching for online marketing tutors near me is just the first step in becoming a better marketer. Creativity is as much about instinct as it is training. You are going to use the tools you start with to find your own process and voice. The way that many people carve out a career for themselves in marketing or any other industry is to find your own way of being an expert. The woman I met in music marketing was able to find her place because she was an expert in Twitter. She was a part of starting hashtags that saved TV shows from cancellation, lifted voices, and, occasionally, shamed those that deserved some exposure. It was not her formal education that got her there, but a natural skill. In fact, she dropped out of college.

The new generation of jobs will include many different careers that are learned as a response to new technology. Search engine optimization is a field that exists entirely based on the fact that Google has an algorithm. Try explaining that to Bryant Gumbel in 1994, only a quarter century ago, who was confused by the letter “a” in a circle which was supposed to be pronounced as “at.” Imagine an age where nobody ever thought the difference between “gif” and “jif” was an interesting conversation.


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As you might expect in an industry that is less than 30 years old, finding someone that is expert enough to pass on the proper skills is not that easy. We are just introducing the term influencer to the lexicon, but we do not truly know what their impact will be. It was easier in the past to understand why things stuck. Commercials got lodged in your head because they were played ad nauseum. You knew every line of your favorite movie because you only had a limited number of VHS tapes and had to make do with what you had. Now, there are so many shows, videos, posts, and other forms of content that your exposure to any given one might be infinitesimal in comparison to what it was before.

Maybe the best private online marketing tutors are not the people currently developing campaigns in the field, but, instead, the people that are studying trends and looking at the market on a macro level. Many that think that they know best about marketing are siloed off and do not realize the other factors contributing to their success. Market researchers who can use data to show the best techniques for marketing are going to provide more accurate context than if Kylie Jenner tried to teach marketing. I had a friend that was a model and he would always give me the worst dating advice because he never realized that his advice only applied to him. When he treated people terribly, he thought that was what led to healthy relationships, but it was actually mostly the fact that he was incredibly good looking. The way he acted was actually more of the reason he could not keep a relationship. I may not have gotten many numbers in college, but my outsider status allowed me to look at things a little more objectively. And now I can sleep next to my data every night.

The other issue with new technology and the lack of precedent of what is actually effective is that there are a lot of fakers out there. Some people might tout expertise in online marketing, but that is sometimes a very subjective distinction. What might be expertise to some might be considered amateurism to others. The good thing to know is that you can find qualified people when you search for online marketing tutoring near me. We only hire people who are qualified. We even have some marketing tutors that double down and do both.


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