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When most people think of quantifying someone’s intelligence, they look to the IQ, which stands for intelligence quotient and represents the person’s intelligence in relation to the rest of the population. Certain groups like Mensa are designed for people with IQs above 132, representing someone that is more intelligent than 98 percent of the population. The IQ number is not a sum, but a score with respect to an average. The mean is designed to equal 100 and the standard deviation for IQ is 15. That means that 95% of IQs will fall between two standard deviations of 100 or 95% fall between 70 and 130. This concept for scoring is very similar to that of the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, or OLSAT, which is published by Pearson Education with the purpose of testing pre-K to 12th grade students on their cognitive ability. Students looking to improve their scores will have a tough time, but they can get comfortable with the test by working with private OLSAT tutors.

The test is administered in groups and is multiple choice. That multiple choice component is standard now, but the Otis of Otis-Lennon is actually responsible for the multiple choice question as we know it today. Arthur Sinton Otis was a doctoral student in the US Army when he first developed group-administered tests for literate and illiterate soldiers. It was designed to improve efficiency over the test from Alfred Binet, which was administered individually. Binet developed the original IQ test and the IQ test we know today is in fact the Stanford-Binet test. Although Frederick James Kelly is credited with inventing the multiple choice test, Arthur Otis was the one that popularized it and took it to scale for the army. He continues developing tests for World Book Company, which became part of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, a publisher. Roger Thomas Lennon, another Ph.D., was head of testing at Harcourt in the 70s and repurposed Otis’ tests into the Otis-Lennon test that we know today.

The method by which you test children at ages as young as these can be difficult, which is why the test is not about math concepts or complex vocabulary knowledge. These are things that are hard to test when you are working with a pre-K student. Instead, the test is broken into verbal and nonverbal sections, each with their own subcategories. The categories for the verbal section include: verbal comprehension, following directions, antonyms, sentence completion, sentence arrangement, verbal reasoning, aural reasoning, arithmetic reasoning, logic, word/letter matrices, verbal analogies, verbal classification, and inference. The nonverbal section includes: pictorial reasoning, picture classification, picture analogies, picture series, figural reasoning, figural classification, figural analogies, pattern matrices, figural series, quantitative reasoning, number series, numeric inference, and number matrices.

Tests for the OLSAT are split by age group, with seven different levels assigned letters from A to G, starting with pre-K and kindergarten students in A and moving up to grades 9-12 in G. As you go up in level, you will have less time per question, coming either from an increase in the number of questions, decrease in time, or both. Typically, the test takes no longer than 90 minutes in total, so it is pretty easy. The group setting also allows for great efficiency. The test score is typically used to assess aptitude, but it can be used for gifted and talented programs, although it is not similar to what you learn with an SSAT tutor.

Getting better at the test is fairly difficult because you are basically born with the IQ you have. As much as you can prepare for the questions, you are already prepared as much as you can be thanks to your genetics. That said, working with OLSAT tutors near me can be a great way to bump your score up just a few points. In the case of some gifted and talented programs, that couple of points could make the difference between you qualifying and not. You might want to consider pushing yourself to the limits to get into these programs because that means you will have to maintain at your limit once you get in, but this can be a great way to learn.


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The question of what makes someone qualified for private OLSAT tutoring is actually a pretty good one to ask. What can someone really do to help you with your IQ? Is that even something that you can change? The simple answer is yes, but it is not something that is so simple. There are many ways that you can increase your IQ or improve your OLSAT score, but they are all going to take time. The good thing to know is that the younger you are, the more likely you are able to change your IQ and the more drastically you can change it. Once you get older, it is pretty much just locked in to where it is.

So what are the techniques that an OLSAT tutor might employ to help you learn? We are not really sure if there is one course of action. Instead, there can be a variety of games, puzzles, quizzes, and other brain challenges that will force you to test your ability. Memory games can be especially good to help increase your IQ, although, like with everything else, this is something that will take consistent practice and lots of time to set in with results. You are not going to be able to just play one memory game and see a point increase for your IQ. It just does not work that easily.

Although it is hard to improve your IQ, luckily, we have actually found a team of OLSAT tutoring near me that has proven their track record through years of experience working with students. We have seen test-to-test increases after the work done with our tutors. It might not turn out to be statistically significant improvement, but if it makes the difference between getting into the program you want and staying in a basic education, you will love the result and it is worth the investment and more.


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