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This is going to come off a little mean about oboes, but I just want to preface this by saying that the oboe is a perfectly respectable instrument that is very difficult to play and I have a lot of respect for people that have developed proficiency in such an interesting instrument. Okay, now that I have got that out of the way, I just have to say that the oboe has always seemed like the lamest instrument in the band to me. The thin, little reed is so strange to me. It looks pretty puny next to the girth of a clarinet, another instrument whose coolness does not rank very high on the instrumental charts. When thinking of the most famous oboe players of all time, I will admit that not a single name came to mind. According to some sources, Marcel Tabuteau, Heinz Holliger, John Mack, Albrecht Mayer, Eugene Izotov, and Yusef Lateef are famous oboists, but not a single one of those names rings any bells. There is even a type of modern oboe called the Weiner oboe. I will not even add anything to this. It says enough on its own. All of this said, what the heck do I know? I failed to play the clarinet, switched to sax, failed, switched to guitar, and you would not guess what happened next. I failed. Okay, maybe you could guess that. If I had gotten a clarinet tutor or tried the oboe and private oboe tutors, maybe I could be musical and I would fight for the coolness of the oboe.

Shade aside, the oboe is actually a pretty complex and cool instrument that adds a bright sound to concert bands and orchestras. The look is probably the only thing lame about it. The sound is definitely not in that category. The treble sound of oboes is distinct and versatile, which is very helpful for any conductor. You can use this for many genres, like great jazz songs, driving rock songs, upbeat pop songs,  and more varieties trying out the unique sound. Unlike other woodwind instruments, the oboe is said to have a very clear and penetrating voice, which can be a useful weapon in the right hands. That is why we are working with you to develop the next great oboe star. Or the first great oboe star. Sorry, I did warn that the shade would be flying.

Here is the one thing that I know about music. Sometimes, the key to breaking out in a genre is using an instrument that nobody else in that genre is using. When punk groups introduced saxophones and trumpets, ska was born. I listed some genres above that have used oboe in the past, but country and hip hop are not on that list. The same way that Lil Nas X combined country and hip hop to blow the roof off with Old Town Road, maybe an oboe and country or oboe and hip hop marriage could make the next great genre called skeewop. We can workshop the name a little bit. Maybe we can look at it like a scientific discovery and say that you can name it when you create it. Just call up our private oboe tutors near me to help you figure out how to develop that signature sound.


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Before any tutoring actually takes place, we have our matching process to find the right tutor from our network to work with the student, all based on a personality profile that we build with the student, finding out their personal needs. The reason that we do this is to make sure that we customize the experience to the student and make sure that they are getting the best help that they can possibly get. Private oboe tutoring is all about fitting the exact tutoring to the needs of the student. This is not unfamiliar in the oboe world.

For most amateur oboe players, you probably begin with a Fibrecane reed, which is a synthetic material. Other cane reeds are also available for players who want something a little higher quality. But for professional oboists, it is all about what works for the individual. Oboists might be the biggest snowflakes around, not in the definition that they easily melt, but in the way that they are all unique and have their own needs. It is like a basketball player with a jump shot or a baseball player with a batting stance or windup. If you get the job done, do what works for you. Professional oboe players are known to make their own custom reeds to fit exactly what they need. This way, they are able to control the instrument better and get the exact sound that they need. Sounds a lot like our tutoring philosophy to me.

When you look for oboe tutoring near me, you should have the easiest time when you work with us. It might take a few days to assign a tutor, but we assign the right one. As a tutor, you should be adaptable as much as possible to work with all different kinds of students. That can take practice and experience, but it can also take some luck on what kind of practice and experience you are getting. When looking for music tutors, one of the most common needs is someone to monitor the practicing and provide a little additional oversight. I know full well as someone who never practiced that you can’t get anywhere in music without practicing, but kids are always getting distracted. That is why a smart tutor can help to make sure that the student is not falling into the trap of procrastination. Music is not something you can procrastinate on, which may be why I never got good. It takes discipline and perseverance to get good, which is something that can be helped along by a tutor. Ultimately, a great tutor knows how to inspire that within their student, so that they are helped enough and also continue to follow that path to greater heights.


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