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Getting a job is hard and getting the one that is perfect for you is even harder. Sometimes, you might think that you are the perfect person for a job, but you can’t even figure out a way to get in the door. The people that are able to get jobs the easiest are those that put themselves in positions to succeed the most. There are a lot of ways that building a network can come back to help you when you least expect it, which is why you can really consider any experience a good one to network. Private networking tutors can help you build strategies that help you in the future.

I have been through the wringer when it comes to hunting for jobs. I previously worked in an industry where a strong network is everything and even getting interviews was a struggle. I found that nobody would look at my resume if just submitted through normal channels and the only way to get past the pile was to have a recommendation from someone or at least enough of a connection that they would trust that I am not some Joe Schmo walking in off the street.

Some things that I have noticed are that you are always networking, no matter where you are. I went back home to the opposite side of the country for my cousin’s Bat Mitzvah one year and found my way into a CEO’s office when I got home because his nieces were my cousin’s best friends. I got a little inebriated and danced my butt off at the party and the 13-year-olds were all swooning. Their mom came up to me and joked that they were crushing on me and I used the opportunity to get to know her better. It turned out that her nephew, the CEO’s son, went to college with me. We bonded and she gave me her card to pass her my resume when I got home. She passed me straight to her brother, who brought me in to give me some guidance.

Another thing that I have learned is to never let a door close behind you. I grew up as someone with a long list of grudges. There are a few that I still have not let go of, like my high school bully and the girl that accused me of cheating and convinced our teacher to fail me, but I have learned that life is too short to hold grudges. When I got rejected for jobs in the early going, I would often hear the same “we think you are amazing professionally and completely qualified for the job, so do not take this personally.” Well, if I am so great professionally, what else is there? It is a nice thing to say, but how else was I supposed to take it but personally. After hearing this over and over, I started getting more and more depressed.

Once things started getting to the point where I might have to give up on my career dreams, I started reaching back out to everyone I knew. If I worked with someone in the past, I would send a note telling them how much I enjoyed working with them and clearly stating what kind of job I was looking for. Even if they did not have an opening, I just wanted my name to enter their mind when these things came up. In addition, I started reaching back out to everyone that I had interviewed with where I was not offered a job. I reiterated my interest in case anything had changed. It was not immediate, but these strategies ended up getting fantastic results. Three months after reaching out to one previous co-worker, I got an email out of the blue that they had an opening now that I was a fit for and they wanted to bring me in for an interview. I never would have known the opening existed if she had not reached out. In addition, the technique of reaching out where I had previously been denied worked too. Another email out of the blue came from someone I had never met. They told me that my resume was passed along with a strong recommendation, so strong that I skipped past the first round of interviews. You never know what might happen. Search for networking tutors near me and they can teach you strategies like this to put you in the right place more often, so you have a good chance of being there at the right time too.


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Career development is a difficult field because you kind of need to have relationships if you really want to offer something to students that they do not have already. The other thing that they can do is give you strategies to succeed, which is what you find when you search for networking tutoring near me.

When I was in college, I felt like the career center was a useless resource. They had relationships in very specific fields, but if I did not fit into their box, there was not a lot that they could do to help me other than to give me resume help. We went back and forth a few times, but I left college feeling like I was on my own. When people asked me how college helped me, I would focus on my social growth, but I felt like my career was something I had to figure out all on my own. I had used alumni in the past to make connections, but my school never did anything to help put me in touch. They call me once every three or so months asking for donations and it floors me that they have the gall to do that. After all that tuition I just spend, you want MORE? They must have some cojones.

It was not until I was five years out of college that I tried using their resources again. Alumni get career services for life, so I figured I should take advantage at a time where I was struggling to figure out my career. This time around, I still did not get much in terms of a direct link to open jobs, but there were some strategies that they taught me that helped me navigate better on my own. The one that I really appreciated and had never thought about involved LinkedIn stalking.

There is a feature that allows you to look at other alumni from your school, which you can then narrow to only include people that live in your area. Using this resource, you can research a little about where other alumni in the area are doing for a living, which was a good way to spark new ideas in my brain for how I could apply my skills and make money doing it. It was also a good resource to meet new people, as I reached out to people with interesting jobs and invited them to a coffee to learn more about what they did. It did not amount to a job then, but it did help me learn more about what I wanted in life.

The results are hard to quantify, so it is hard to justify the investment in private networking tutoring, but it is the little things adding up over time that eventually snowball into something great. It might seem annoying in the short term and nebulous in the long term, but have faith in networking and the jobs will come to you.


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