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Nursing is a field that really gets no respect. The men and women of nursing do a lot of the hard work, but everyone looks at the doctor when they want to hand out the props in the medical field. The thing is, nurses do a lot of really intense stuff too, which is why they go to nursing school just the same as a doctor. And I would just like to point out again that nurses can be men or women and the same is true of doctors. Neither is better than one another. There is a great scene in the movie Meet the Parents where Ben Stiller’s character, Gaylord “Greg” Focker, is introduced to his future wife’s sister’s in-laws. They all go down the line introducing themselves and each man introduces himself as a doctor. They ask Greg what kind of work he does and when he says nursing, they burst out laughing, thinking he is in on the joke. They try to make him feel lesser by saying he could not cut it as a doctor, but his fiancée tells them he passed the MCAT exam. He explains that he chose nursing over being a doctor because he liked the freedom it allowed him to work in a lot of different fields of medicine and he got to focus on patients instead of worrying about bureaucracy. That sounds pretty darn honorable to me. The NCLEX is the test that nurses take once they graduate from nursing school, so if you are reaching the conclusion of your nursing graduate education, it might be time to consider private NCLEX tutors.

I think one of the best reasons to get tutoring on any kind of standardized test is because they know what to expect when you are actually sitting in the room, sweat dripping down your face, stumped on a question, and praying for some thought to come into your mind as the answer. You want someone like that in your corner because they can teach you the strategy to throw all of those negative thoughts to the side and settle in on the perfect answer. Maybe it is not the answer that is most technically right, but hopefully your educated guessing will get you closer to right than wrong most of the time.

To note, there are two different kinds of the NCLEX test, one to become a registered nurse, or RN, and one to become a practical nurse, or PN. Most nurses are RNs and that test uses a five step nursing process, which can clue you into the categories of questions that you might see. The five steps are assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The content of the exam is based on client needs. Around 35% of the exam is concerning the safe and effective care of the environment, including management of care and safety and infection control. Another 10% is about psychosocial integrity. Another 10% is about health promotion and maintenance. And the final 45% is about physiological integrity, including basic care and comfort, pharmacological and parental therapies, reduction of risk potential, and physiological adaptation. Finding someone that can walk you through all of those steps is important, but it is made much easier with our service.

Finding NCLEX tutors near me used to be a tough proposition, but we have found the way to make it much easier. The next generation of great nurses are coming up through nursing school right now as your read these words, so we are hoping to help ease the process of taking this final exam toward licensure and help start their careers in nursing off strong.


Who we hire?


When looking for private NCLEX tutoring, I would think that the goal would be to find someone that has not only studied for the test, but has also taken it before. The thing is, those people that passed are probably working as nurses now and that job is not one that leaves a lot of free time. If you are a nurse that is willing to commit what little time you have to helping the next crop come up, more power to you, but we probably assume that they are busy nursing. At least I hope they are because we have a lot of sick people in need of great nurses.

I think the first place we would look when going after great NCLEX tutoring near me is to go after retired nurses. With all that free time on your hands, you might want to take on this part time opportunity to give yourself a little extra money to work with and to fill your day a little bit. It could also be a fun way to stay current with what is hip and cool with young kids that are not members of your family, as these nurses, mostly in their late 20s and early 30s can provide some interesting generational insight. And hey, the old coots can also teach the young bucks a little something about the good old days.

The best thing we look for in our tutors is the right personality that blends warmth, patience, and caring to provide students the inspiration and structure to succeed on the test. There are so many tutors out there and our students want to know that what they are getting is more than just what is on the test. They want someone that is going to help launch them off into what is hopefully just the beginning of an exciting new career of helping to save people’s lives. As someone who does not do a job that directly impacts the well-being of other people on a day to day basis, it makes me jealous of the work that nurses do for us every day. Nurses do not get enough credit for how amazing they are, so we want tutors who can help lift them up and show them the joy of nursing before they have to face the reality and figure out what kind of nurse they want to be for themselves.


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