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Music History Tutoring

When it comes to the history of music we are looking at literally thousands of years. Private music history tutors will be able to breakdown the eras within music, especially highlighting the ones you are most interested in learning. Most students typically want to learn most about the genre of music that they plan on diving into as a career, and with our music tutors their eyes are typically opened to an aspect of music they never knew existed. A popular singer, who shall remain unnamed, reached out to Premier Tutoring for help. This singer performed mostly rhythm and blues, so they wanted to learn more about the history of the genre.

We got them tutoring services led by an expert in all things music history. The tutor was able to dive into the history of this genre starting with blues. Now the artist had heard of blues, just as anyone else has, but they did not truly understand the roots of the genre. The tutor broke down Delta blues, St. Louis blues, Chicago blues, and several other styles. The artist soon realized there were so many blues artist that they did not know about until working with the tutor. Although the artist wanted to continue their studies they were soon struck by a bolt of inspiration by a St. Louis blues artist from the 1940s.

Their label was able to purchase the rights to the album and the artist made a hit single using a few samples from the album. All the time, the artist was still getting lessons from our tutor. This is the type of dedication to your craft that you need if you really want to excel in the music industry. It is a cut-throat industry where only the strong and most creative will survive. Also, the ones who do their research really stick out from the rest of the competition. One of Lauryn Hill’s most popular songs of all time was a sample, and most people do not even realize it. Hill’s song is arguably better than the original and if you look up the song’s title it is typically her version that pops up.

She did her research, studied her genre and found a way to make a good song even better. She is not the only artist who has done this either as this is common practice in all arts. Great artists are known to steal from those who came before them. It is almost a sign of respect because you cannot steal from an artist that you do not know. This means that the artist has hit the books and dug deep. Just having a good voice or the ability to play an instrument is not enough.

You have to be a jack of all trades and know what about the greats who came before you. There have been several hip hop artist who claim to have never listened to the ones who did it first, the new artists never last. You have to show respect to the ones who paved the way. “Music history tutoring near me” will make sure that you know your stuff before you hit the studio. Add in some music theory lessons and make it complete.


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The thing about our music history tutors is that most of them also play an instrument or are involved in the industry in some way. While you are searching for “music history tutors near me” you might want a specific type of person. Let’s say you are a drummer and you are searching for someone who also has experience with the sticks. You want to not only learn about the history of music but also how it applies to your particular instrument. We have several drum tutors who can kill it behind the drums and in the library. This is because they realize the importance of being able to do both, it has made them into better musicians.

If songwriting is what you want to do within the industry, you must be aware of those who come before you. The greatest songwriters on the planet can pull lyrics from some of the most obscure songs that you have ever heard. This way they can avoid duplicating something that already exists, or you can expand on something as well. Either way, your songwriting tutor can lead you down the path of success within the industry. Maybe your child is showing interest in learning a new instrument or singing. But you want to make sure that they know about what is out there before they just start with something. You can get them in contact with one of our music history tutors who can teach them about the ins and outs of the industry.

We just had a student who wanted to sing and wanted to perform. Their parents decided it would be good to get the student private music history tutoring service so the child could get a run down. After spending a few weeks with their tutor, the child decided that they did not want to sing at all. In fact, they just wanted to play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix. Their whole view on music changed and they felt that they wanted to be in control of the guitar and that the vocals would come later. We were then able to get the child matched with a guitar tutor who taught them how to play the instrument.

Because of the time spent learning about music history, the student’s eyes were opened to a new set of possibilities. From classical music all the way up to hip-hop, we have tutors who can expose you to the different types of art forms. You might even be able to infuse different genres to create sounds that are unlike anything anyone has ever heard. Other musicians have done it in the past and they have most definitely had an understanding and admiration for music and it’s history. Start earning your stripes right now by calling up Premier Tutoring and getting in contact with a fantastic tutor.


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