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Music Composition Tutoring

Musically, our collective tastes have changed substantially over the years, but the process of musical composition has largely remained the same. The tablature that was used to record musical notation is still the same as it was back in the day of the great composers. Those composers that you know from the 18th and 19th centuries created compositions that we still play today and still hold the same weight. Only time will tell if Kanye West has the lasting impact of Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Pyotr Ilyich Tchikovsky, Frederic Chopin, Johannes Brahms, Igor Stravinsky, or Antonio Vivaldi. If you are someone that loves music and wants to learn how to create your own, consider learning with one of our private music composition tutors. We can help you create your musical genius whether you are someone trying to write hard rock, techno funk, or a number for a musical.

The first question to ask in the process of music composition is what does that really mean? We also have songwriting tutors, so what is the difference between a songwriting tutor and a music composition tutor? You can look at compositions as something separate from songs. If you think of songs as something that you would listen to you on the radio, compositions might be something that you would listen to as played by an orchestra at a theatre. That is looking at things in sort of reductive terms because the two terms cover a lot of the same terms in many areas. Composition also has its place in radio music, so it does not work perfectly. In the context of song rights, the rights are split into two, with the recording rights separate from the composition rights. The composition is the nuts and bolts of creating the song, from the lyrics to the melody to the instrumentation. It is the material with which to work in the song. The recording is taking those materials and shaping them into a song. For example, Leonard Cohen is known for writing the well-known song Hallelujah, but his version of the song was never the one that was most popular. His composition would later find success in a recording by Jeff Buckley, which Buckley never experienced because it became popular after his tragic death. The composition still belonged to Cohen because it was his basic melody and his words, but Buckley’s recording was the famous one.

Musical composition is really where the creativity comes in as an artist. There are a lot of artists out there that do not write their own music. Some people look down at those artists, but I would say that it depends on who it is. The music industry often takes the best looking person with the best voice and starts feeding them songs until they churn out hits, which is why artists that do not write their music are unfairly lumped in with these people. Then, there are people that have a musical sound so unique that you just want to hear their recordings of anything. You can write originals to their voice or they can cover songs in their signature style. Finding that voice is key to being an artist and they take the work of the musical composer to the next level. It takes combining the skills of the composer and the artist to have a long career as an artist, whereas the composition skills are what keeps you working forever.

If you are looking to get into the world of music, search for music composition tutors near me and hopefully, that is why you are here, so we can find you a great Premier tutor.


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So with all the talk about what music composition can give you, the question comes in how you are going to learn to compose music. Some people are able to just think up songs, but those people need to learn how to translate what is in their head onto the page or into the instrument if they want to reproduce it. A lot of times these days, the artist is able to play the notes on an instrument that is plugged into software that will take down the notes for them and let them translate it into any other instrument and make changes on the sheet, but knowing how to do that takes practice. It is also important to understand some theory to know how to build the song. Writing music is a lot like writing a story, with an arc to the narrative of the music meant to create dynamics that are pleasant to the ear. Private music composition tutoring will give you the skills needed to write those songs yourself.

So where do the tutors start? The act of composing typically begins with the creation of music notation, which is writing the sheet music, so other musicians can play this. A songwriter might write their part of a song, which includes their lyrics and their guitar accompaniment, but the difference in composition comes in thinking of all of the different parts of the band or orchestra. If you have a flute coming in, you might write the music for that part to come in as well. You might also write the drum parts, which have their own notation. A good composing tutor can help you learn all of these aspects. A composer might have a hand in manipulating all of the different elements of a composition, including harmony, melody, form, rhythm, and timbre. These all work to influence the final song and the emotions that it evokes.

The TV show Songland has given normal Americans a glimpse into the process of writing a song and you can see a song come in looking one way and come out completely different and much better thanks to changes in instruments, changes in lyrics, and changes in beat. The great music composition tutoring near me has people with the ear to know what changes to make and can articulate why those changes need to be made.


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