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Microsoft Word Tutoring

Microsoft Word is the premier word processing software on the market and is the standard in almost any household. Apple originally tried to eschew Microsoft’s software and develop clones of their own, but Word for Mac is just as ubiquitous now as it is on Windows and Pages barely holds a candle to the greatness of Word. For almost anyone looking to write something, Microsoft Word is going to be the software you use. Even Google Sheets is just another cheap knock-off. You might think that there is nothing to know about Microsoft Word other than how to open it up and start typing, but there are some cool features and other things to know that makes private Microsoft Word tutors a great investment.

Do you remember who you used to go to when you needed help with Word? You might start writing a letter and as soon as you type the word “Dear,” your old buddy Clippy would pop in and say, “I see you are writing a letter. Can I help with that?” The little guy was an anthropomorphized paper clip with googly eyes and curious eyebrows. His swooping shape made for the perfect mouth. You could sometimes change the skin too, turning Clippy into another animated assistant. It was really the best thing about Word for a long time and it was a shame when Microsoft folded under some pressure from critics and got rid of my best writing pal.

Now, you do not have the same great resource of Clippy, so you have to do things all by yourself or search for Microsoft Word tutors near me to help you write whatever you are looking to write. Most people in the millennial generation probably are not going to seek the help of this kind of tutoring. Judging by my peers, even the worst student was well-equipped to use Microsoft Word. I would find that some of the less knowledgeable, but more crafty students were the best experts at Word. They knew every little trick and every little loophole that could extend a page and make one page of work seem like two. Messing with the margins was not a last resort, but a common reality for students looking to skirt the page requirements. I am pretty sure that no teacher has ever noticed (but do not fact check me on that).

One of the features of Word that a lot of people do not know about, but can be a huge help is the Mail Merge feature. This is something used in conjunction with Microsoft Excel, which is why knowing the whole Office suite can be a big help. When you are looking to send a mailer to a large group of people, this can be a huge help because you do not have to individually format mailing labels. First, in Excel, you get all of the contact information organized into columns, with first and last name, address, city, state, and zip code all ready to go. Once that file is saved, you go into Word and select the Mail Merge feature. It lets you select an Excel file to work from and then imports the data in. On another menu, you can choose the arrangement of how the data should transfer over. Instead of formatting hundreds of labels, you can format one and apply the same to the rest. By the end, you have a printable sheet of labels ready to go. If you are sending wedding invitations, this could be a massive time saver.

There are lots of ways that you can use Word that are more than just tapping letters into the keyboard, so you should hook up with our tutoring today and become an expert.


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Because Word is so simple and straight-forward, it takes more than just knowing how to open the software to be great for our private Microsoft Word tutoring. A lot of the required knowledge comes from the tips and tricks that you might figure out just from making mistakes with the software. For example, Word 2007 decided to screw everyone up by changing the format of documents. Forever, they used DOC as the file extension, but they changed it to DOCX as the default in Word 2007 and it made it so old versions of the product could not read files. As a student, I remember everyone hating teachers that used the new Word because nobody knew about the compatibility problems.

These days, DOCX is the standard, but there are still formatting issues that occur that you might not think of if you have not seen them before. For example, I had a lot of trouble getting my resume read for a few months and I was struggling to figure out why. I would print out copies and show people, but they would say that it was in great shape. One thing to know about resumes is that there is a very strict rule that you should extend to more than a single page. I had made sure that it was a single page on my version of Word, but I found out through some digging that it was showing up as two pages on Macs. I changed the format to a PDF from then on because I knew I could control the page count and suddenly, I was getting called in for interviews again. This is a silly problem that I still blame on Microsoft, but it is one that anyone with a little experience could have clued me in on much earlier.

Some other tricks you might learn are the shortcuts for highlighting words. Using control and shift, you can move quickly through a document, deleting full words, lines, paragraphs, or whatever specific area you might be looking to erase. Other keyboard shortcuts, more than the simple copy and paste that most people know, make it easy to navigate the page and accomplish whatever you are looking to do.

If you want to improve your work from simple words on a page to a perfectly formatted masterpiece, search for Microsoft Word tutoring near me.


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