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A lot of people get Microsoft Office for the big three programs that have been a part of the Office Suite since the first version: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. Over the years, Microsoft keeps acquiring businesses and adding software to the mix, to the point that it now includes more than ten desktop applications, including Skype for Business, Microsoft Project, and the program that I will tell you a little more about right here called Microsoft Publisher. A lot of people do not even realize that Publisher is on their computer as a part of the collection of Office products, which is why lots of people look to private Microsoft Publisher tutors for a chance to get a better understanding of how and when to use it. To be honest, I have been using Microsoft Office for most of my life, including SharePoint, but I have never had a time where I needed Microsoft Publisher. It is such a specialized software that it almost requires learning from someone that actually has some experience if you are going to know what you can actually do with it.

The primary function of Publisher is to create documents on your desktop. If that sounds a lot like the same thing that Microsoft Word does, you are not wrong. They do a lot of the same things. In some ways, Word and Publisher are like a rectangle and a square. Squares are technically rectangles, but they are not really interchangeable. Rectangles might be the umbrella term that squares fall under, but squares do the trick better in certain scenarios. Word is a perfectly great word processor that you can use to make any number of documents. That said, Publisher is much more focused on page layout and design. Instead of leaving things bare to the point that the only formatting on your page are the margins that hold your words in place, Publisher is much more focused on situations where you want to present that information in novel, interesting, unique, and efficient ways.

Where you might write an essay for class in Word or a letter that you want to print and send to someone, Publisher is much more about advertising and other forms of communication where layout matters a lot. That can include lots of different things, including, labels, business cards, brochures, newsletters and newspapers, websites, postcards, greeting cards, and more. Let us say that you are looking to design a newsletter. You probably want to arrange things into columns instead of taking up the whole page to allow for more variety of articles on the page. In addition, you might also want to make sure that the sentences are formatted in a way that the lines end flush with each other, like how you would see things in a book. You might want to do so without having to cut off words or hyphenate things on multiple lines. Microsoft Publisher can help you organize everything just right, so you can present your information in the cleanest and most accessible way that you can.

In finding the right Microsoft Publisher tutors near me, you should think about what kind of project is right for you and then decide if this is the right software to reach your goal. If you are sure that this is the right thing, a tutor can help you take advantage of all of the features and templates that will make your project stand out among the bunch.


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Figuring out who is good enough with Microsoft Publisher to join our ranks and become part of our premier private Microsoft Publisher tutoring team is a task that is not always so easy. Here is the thing about Microsoft Office. The reason that you know everything that there is to know about PowerPoint, Word, and Excel is that they are not just the most popular products of the suite, they are industry leaders in their fields. There is no word processor better known than Word, no spreadsheet software better known than Excel, and no presentation tool that is better known than PowerPoint. That is not exactly the case with Publisher. It certainly benefits from being under the Microsoft umbrella because the brand name and inclusion in the Office suite might be the greatest driver of users. Unfortunately, unlike the others, Publisher is not the industry leader when it comes to desktop publishing. It has a relatively small share of the market. The leaders in the field are Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress, which is why finding an expert in the practical application of this software.

The nature of Microsoft Publisher makes it seem like it has happily taken the space of being the desktop publishing software meant for amateurs. Basically, if you happen to realize that you want desktop publishing software, but do not want to invest a ton of money in software, this is the option that you already paid for with your other Microsoft products, so that is the reason that you are going to go back to it. This is not really a position where you are going to find a lot of experts, so finding someone to be the right Microsoft Publisher tutoring near me is a difficult task that consumers should never have to go through.

That is where Premier Tutoring comes in. We are constantly looking for new tutors, especially in Publisher, where we have a bit of scarcity relative to other subjects. In fact, we are reaching out across the country to find people to join our team because we want people who have enough skill that they can pass it along. This has been a long process and we are still going, which is why it is always a good time to reach out to us if you are a tutor. There are definitely high standards to who we hire, but we are not so picky that you can’t get a job with us. You just need to have the right attitude to go with some skill. If you’ve got the right balance, you could be perfect for us.


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