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When it comes to Microsoft Office, I think that a lot of people would be surprised by how many different applications are a part of the total family. Sometimes, the whole thing comes with your computer, so you do not even think about all of what you are getting. For the most part, we really only buy Office for the three main programs that are the reason that it is so ubiquitous, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Those are typically your bread and butter as an individual user and you are not going to need a Microsoft Word tutor to teach you how to type things in. The three are simple enough that you can figure them out on your own and get going. What gets lost in the suite of applications are the other things that you can do that might require some extra help. One of those that is part of the Office family, but actually does not often come included in the package is Microsoft Project, which is something that you might want to look into private Microsoft Project tutors for.

In terms of what you are going to do with this software, that totally depends on your specific needs. As you might get from the name of the software, Project is designed for projects. What that really means is that this is a tool used by project managers to organize the many tasks and employees that they have and manage workflows. You can do lots of different things with the software, like create tasks, assign people and resources to those tasks, track progress, create a schedule, analyze workloads, and manage a budget. Using these features combined, you can start to find inefficiencies in your workflow. One of the ways that I have seen Project used in the past is in the analyzing workload space because you can sometimes lean a little too heavily on one person without realizing. By assigning everyone their tasks in this software, you can make sure that you are not assigning too much to any one person and then quickly search through those that are not as busy to find the right person to assign the task to.

We find that when it comes to Microsoft project, you should make sure that you are first thinking about tutoring before you get started with the app, even if the tutoring is minimal. One of the things that we have found is that some people will get started on their own and develop bad habits that are hard to shake. As much as the program is user friendly and has an interface that you can get down pretty quickly, you also want to make sure that you are not making any mistakes in the input phase that could hurt you down the line. When you work with a tutor, they can show you all of the common mistakes that people make, so that you can be sure to avoid them. I say that you should at least get some tutoring before starting, but that does not mean that you are going to get locked in paying a tutor for the rest of your days. Instead, I would actually say that you probably just need a couple of sessions to get going and then you can repurpose the rest of the hours in your tutoring package for other subjects that interest you.

When looking for Microsoft Project tutors near me, remember that Premier Tutoring has a long history of matching tutors with students in this field and we know what we are doing to get you on the right track towards knowing what you are doing. Our students consistently come back to us with strong reviews of our work and thank us for taking them where they wanted to go. If you are someone that is leading a project for the first time or looking to improve the way that you already do your thing, consider hiring our tutors to help you out.


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When it comes to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, lots of people know how to use those programs, so finding tutors is pretty easy, but private Microsoft Project tutoring can be much harder to find based on the fact that it is such a specialized product. There is only a sliver of people that buy this extension to the Office family and more often than not, it is a business that is footing the bill. That means for us and for you that finding tutors is not easy, but you never have to worry about that. That is our problem and we will happily take that off of your plate and feed it to our dogs.

A little story about our history, we were not originally covering Microsoft Project among our subjects when we first started, but we got a call from a young woman that was interested in learning Project to help with her small business. She had looked everywhere for a tutor and enlisted our help to find her one. Not knowing what we were getting into, we took on the challenge. At first, we scrambled a bit to find tutors because our usual methods were not landing us anybody worthwhile. We decided to change tactics a bit and just started calling up local businesses asking if they used Project in their work. We starting finding hits and that is how we started building our first network of Project tutors.

Since then, we have come a long way. We are not just promising Microsoft Project tutoring near me, but also promising that these tutors are coming with experience. In the beginning, the two together were too hard to find, but we have improved to the point that you will never see an inexperienced tutor from us again. We are proud that we are able to send out only the best of the best to our students. It can be a big investment in both time and money to hire a tutor, but you can feel safe that you made a good investment when you choose us.


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