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Making presentations in front of other people is a very difficult skill. Most people should see help in public speaking before presenting because their help can give you confidence in a relaxed setting before having to step up your game to actual performance. When I was in business school, we had to present all the time to build up our confidence. For me, nerves always kicked in before I went up. In those last moments when I was waiting to go up, I suddenly had to pee even though I went five minutes earlier, I got sweaty, and I could feel the adrenaline kicking in. By the time I was speaking, my voice was shaky from the energy that I could not contain.

A lot of people look to make up for their shaky nerves by preparing a complicated presentation to go behind them. There is a software tool called Prezi, which is a more complex competitor to PowerPoint, that can be used to animate your presentations. Oftentimes, you will see movements and transitions that look like camera pans instead of the typical wipes and fades. Having seen both types and talking with a lot of professionals, these presentations might look sexy, but the content gets lost in the mix of movements. I have found that the simplicity of PowerPoint makes for much better presentations because the bells and whistles are just distractions in the end. PowerPoint offers clean, sophisticated templates that let you organize your thoughts well. You just might need private Microsoft PowerPoint tutors to teach you where to look for those features.

Another thing that I have noticed from watching a lot of presentations is that people can overdo it and underdo it when it comes to PowerPoint. I took a class where the teacher presented all lectures in PowerPoint and the slides were fairly barebones. Instead of listing bullets, he would put one or two conceptual phrases on the slides, but the depth came from listening to him. He posted the slides online afterward and said we did not need to take notes, but the lack of information in the slides actually made notes necessary because you could not glean all you needed to without the additional context that he provided. For the sake of engaging the class, this was highly effective to keep us focused and not let people read ahead and tune out the noise.

In effective PowerPoint presentations, the presentation is just a supplement to what you are providing as the presenter. You do not want people focusing their attention on the board, instead, focusing everything on you. That might seem like more pressure in presenting, but that is why it is such a difficult skill. You are not just the deliverer of information, but also in charge of capturing the attention of the audience, you are performing for. Sometimes, that means a natural charisma and charm, but you might also need the help of public speaking tutors to give you confidence.

When you know that the content behind you is designed to support you, you gain that confidence on your own. Someone that is well-prepared might use the notes section of PowerPoint to practice a speech that goes with the images. To learn how to make better presentations in the future, search for Microsoft PowerPoint tutors near me.


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If you are a fan of the TruTV show Impractical Jokers, you might have seen an episode where they tried to pull pranks on some unsuspecting PowerPoint tutors. When one of the guys keeps trying to call his tutor “Mr. Juan,” Juan is kind and caring when he says, “just Juan.” He creates an atmosphere of friendship that helps both of them develop a bond together. For what the prankster does next, the fact that the tutor is able to form any bond at all is impressive. He says silly things to the tutor, expecting him to break and laugh, but the tutor is too patient and professional. Where some of the wild antics of the Jokers gets their marks to have hilarious reactions, Juan’s calm demeanor and patience never rose to meet the oddness of the situation. He was able to hide any uncomfortableness easily. Meanwhile, the prankster continued by drawing on the screen with markers, but the tutor never treated him like an idiot, even though his every intention was to be one. When you search for private Microsoft PowerPoint tutoring, this should be the experience that you get.

We look for people that do not frustrate easily because there are a lot of people learning PowerPoint that are older and not as good with computers. I come from the generation that has had complex video games and computers for my whole life, so I have never really struggled with things like new smartphones or new software. I feel literate enough with computers that I can figure out how things work on my own. My mom has worked in tech for her entire career, but, sometimes, it feels like she is tech illiterate. She knows how to do things in her very specialized form of computing, where she might be the foremost expert in the world, but when I try to explain how to post pictures on Facebook using your phone, she could not be more confused. I desperately want to do it for her in five seconds and get it over with, but she wants me to sit down with her and take ten minutes to explain it to her. I try to tell her to take what she can get, but she forces me to teach her things, even though she will forget soon after.

This is all just too frustrating for me. When I was a tutor, it was frustrating to me when I would work with a student, he would understand everything, and two weeks later, I would come back and he knew less than before. I was young and saw it as an indication that he was not committed to learning, but it was as much a reflection of me as it was on him. I could not find the right way to reach him and that is why he treated sessions like he was clocking in and out of a job.

Searching for Microsoft PowerPoint tutoring near me should net you better results than tutors that are not able to adapt when things get hard. I wish I could go back and put more effort into helping my students, but these lessons can serve as a warning for tutors to take what they do seriously.


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