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I still catch a lot of grief about my email address. Everyone seems to have moved onto Gmail, but I was not quick enough to snag a good variation of my name, so I got stuck with a combination of shortening my first name to its initial and adding numbers at the end. I am not a fan of that and prefer an email address that is my name or at least close enough with underscores or periods separating it. I have tried putting a number instead of a letter, like using a 3 instead of an E, but it sometimes goes straight to spam instead of helping me out. That is why, against the grain, I have stayed using Hotmail for my email. Laugh it up. I fell in love early and never got over it.

The thing about Hotmail is that it has not existed in a long time. The mail service was created in 1996 and was sold to Microsoft a year later for $400 million. Microsoft launched it as MSN Hotmail in the early going and then rebranded it later to Windows Live Hotmail in the Windows Live Suite of products that included certain specialized software like Movie Maker, OneCare (antivirus), Photo Gallery, and Writer (for blogging). Microsoft continued support for Hotmail until the final version was released in 2011, but it was replaced by Outlook in 2013, which was bundled more appropriately with Microsoft Office. Hotmail addresses still exist today, but the service that I use for email is actually just Outlook, which means that Hotmail users are good candidates for private Microsoft Outlook tutors. They are also probably Luddites stuck in the past, which is why tutoring is good to help you get with the times.

One of the differentiators that Microsoft touts as a reason to use Outlook over Gmail is the privacy concerns. There are a lot of services like Google, Facebook, Outlook, and others that allow you to create an account and use 100% of the features without having to pay for anything. It seems like such a great luxury, but there is no such thing as a free lunch and you are going to have to pay in some form. For Gmail, that comes in the form of data mining that is used to target ads to you. Google scans every email sent through Gmail, whether it was sent or received, looking for keywords so they can target users with paid ads. The information about you is highly valuable for them to resell, although it starts to encroach on privacy that you might not realize that you are giving up. Did you read the privacy policy for your Gmail account? Have you read a privacy policy ever? Please tell me you have not because they are a massive waste of time, but they also feature fine print that allows Google to do things with your data. Outlook specifically targets this feature of Gmail as their competitive advantage.

You might think that email is as straightforward as sending and receiving, but you will make a lot of mistakes if you do not consider the other features. There are some things that you might only use once every five years, but if you do it wrong, everything goes out of whack. That is why it is important to search for Microsoft Outlook tutors near me. You do not want to end up unprepared.


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I have made a lot of mistakes in emails that I could have fixed with the help of private Microsoft Outlook tutoring. When I was working as the assistant to an executive, I once had to set an out-of-office message to automatically reply to people when they sent her email while she was on vacation. I thought this was a simple process with Apple’s Mail app, but there was a choice between applying to an inbox or something else. I do not remember exactly which button I pushed, but the one that I did was the setting where the auto-reply was sent to every email in the inbox. My boss was not very organized and did not take advantage of folders in her email. She also did not delete emails. I emailed her probably 5-10 times per day, so I noticed the mistake right away when I suddenly had hundreds of new emails from her. The horror sank in as I realized that it had also sent to her boss, her boss’s boss, everyone we work with, and everyone we work for. One person that we worked with pretty often called me up to chew me out over the 80 emails he just had to delete. It was more than embarrassing. It was my nightmare. And I learned later that this was not the first time this had happened, as the previous assistant had done the same exact thing, but my boss had forgotten it and never warned me.

Again, I made a mistake when someone asked me to send a calendar invite, which I had never done from my personal account. I was used to sending from my work accounts which were on Gmail or an internal server, but never from my Outlook. I sent what I thought was a proper invite on a Friday and thought nothing of it until our meeting on Tuesday. Three hours before our meeting, I get a text. You might not be surprised to hear that it was from the person I was set to meet with. We had agreed to the time three hours later, but my email sent it as if I was on the East Coast instead of the West. So where I saw the correct time, he saw three hours earlier. It made the difference between me getting a job to work for him and not.

There are mistakes that you will make with an email that you can never take back. Sometimes, that just means sending a bad email because you can’t take back what you wrote. But other times, there are avoidable mistakes like these that you could have seen had you prepared yourself with Microsoft Outlook tutoring near me. You never know what might happen.

Great tutors in Outlook are probably well versed in the rest of the products in the Microsoft Office suite, including Microsoft PowerPoint. After you go through the basics of Outlook, you might want to use your other hours to learn the other software in Microsoft’s suite, as you will likely only need one or two sessions of Outlook help.


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