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Microsoft Excel Tutoring

Most people think that tutoring is something that is reserved just for children. A student struggling in school sees a tutor, their grades improve, parents are happy, and you rinse and repeat over and over. In the case of Microsoft Excel, most students are already getting exposure to it at a young age. In fact, where Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.) used to be a skill that many included on their resumes, people now say that you should leave it off because it is considered a given. In many cases, it is the adults, not the students, that need private Microsoft Excel tutoring.

Excel is not just something that is good for you to know for business, it is also something useful in everyday life. There is no better way to organize and analyze data than in a spreadsheet. On the base level, most people understand the cell grid as a way to conveniently organize lists into tables, but you can do so much more when you understand the capabilities underneath.

For example, Excel has features that allow you to pull data from the web. You might use this when there is a page that is consistently updating with new data. In the case of baseball, statistics have become deeply entrenched in player evaluation, to the point that anyone can figure out who the best of the best are by performing their own regressions on the data available. As a project, I once used Excel’s feature to pull all of the stats from Using formulas, I plugged the proper data in to make inferences about player performance versus salary. However, that data was constantly changing because new games were being played that affected things. Using Excel’s feature, I could update all the data in my spreadsheet by pressing the refresh button, instead of having to redo all of the work again.

Beyond the nerdy statistical models that you can build, there are tons of ways that you can use Excel to manage your data. If you are someone that struggles with tech stuff, consider using our computer tutors or searching for Microsoft Excel tutors near me.

Lucky for you, Microsoft did a really good job making Excel accessible to a majority of users. The simple functions like finding sums, copying cells, and sorting are all things that anyone with a brain could figure out. It is in the details that you can really take advantage of the power of a computer to manage data for you.

I thought myself an expert on Excel from a young age. I was using spreadsheets before I owned my own sheets. I could use pivot tables and formulas to manipulate data in any way I wanted. Once I was in college, I wanted to think that I was still the pro, but I was surprised at how much more was left to cover. Experts who use Excel in the finance world are familiar with shortcuts to the point that they do not even need a mouse when working on spreadsheets. Using the control and shift keys to move quickly through data, they can select the necessary sets of data in an instant.

Getting additional help learning Excel takes you from a simple navigator to a practical user in the field.


Who we hire?


Judging by the fact that the clientele might be on the older end, you might find that looking for Microsoft Excel tutoring near me will net you someone that is younger than you are. That might seem sort of strange for some people, but good students know that help can come from a variety of sources. You can find someone great that is younger than you.

The most important quality we have found in good private Microsoft Excel tutors is patience. Some might get frustrated with Luddite adults. When you know the answer and just want someone to get it too, you might try to jump ahead and do it yourself. When I try to teach my mom to use an app, I just want to do it for her. If she needs it done again, she can either remember what I did or come to me again. But oftentimes, this strategy does not result in the person remembering and leads to the young person doing it every time. A good tutor will help teach you to fish, so you can fish for a lifetime.

Some adults think that they are too far gone to learn Excel. They are banking on the idea that they can run out the clock of their life before they need the new skills. My grandparents tried that technique on social media and they have missed out on large chunks of our lives. Where my great aunt is seemingly on top of every move I make, my grandparents know almost nothing about my life that I have not told them. Your own personal feelings about sharing your life publicly aside, Excel is not going away any time soon.

The best tutors are people that can inspire their students to want to learn the product. In this case, it is one of the easiest opportunities for teachers to cater to the individual needs. When you take Algebra, for example, you probably have no idea how you will use it practically in your life. As much as you might try, there is no way to know for sure which aspects will remain important to you. For Excel, it is much easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In many cases, you are learning Excel with a very specific goal in mind.

With a clear target, the tutor can simply focus in on the exact skills needed, forgoing other, less vital elements. Creating macros is useful if you are importing lots of data sets and need to format them all in a specific way that includes lots of instructions, but it is not something that you need if you are using Excel to track your monthly expenses.

By focusing on what is important to the student, you can be a great tutor for Premier Tutoring.


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