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Microsoft Access Tutoring

To start off, we should talk about what this actually is because I think that beyond Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, people are scratching their heads on the other applications in the Microsoft Office suite. This is Microsoft Access, which is a database management tool. This works similarly to Excel, but you are going to go into different things than you would with Microsoft Excel tutors. Access has different uses than Excel because of the differences between spreadsheets and databases, but I will get back to that. Access is what many companies use when they are trying to manage their data and it is one of the great ways to manage databases. Learning to use it is simple when you use our private Microsoft Access tutors to get better at using this specific piece of software that most Office users never even touch.

I started coding and learning to manage databases with SQL recently and I was not prepared for the slowdowns and crashes of my computer. There is a commonly bandied about phrase about only using 10% of your brain and you would be surprised at how much more power your computer has, but there are limits and I hit those limits because of databases. I mentioned I would get back to databases versus spreadsheets and here we go. For a spreadsheet, you might have a good amount of data, but there are limits to how big you can get and your options to manipulate the data are fairly limited, unless you are looking to sort. With databases, you can get down and dirty with a lot of data and manage errors better than you could with spreadsheets, which is vital when you are trying to correct the needle in a haystack mistake. One of the mistakes I made with databases was not limiting the results because there can be millions of results in certain datasets. For example, Amazon likely records their transactions. Each individual transaction is its own row in the dataset, which means that there are millions of records, maybe even billions at this point. Databases are a necessity when you reach scale because you are dealing with so much data that you need to limit things when you are displaying selections. Working with an Access tutor, you will learn all of the best practices with the software, so you can make sure that you are not making the rookie mistakes like I was doing to crash my whole computer.

One of the great benefits of database management is that you can control what you want to see. Just because you have all of the information in the world, it does not mean that you want to see it all at once. You can pick and choose the columns that are important and do it dynamically, so it is not copying from a larger spreadsheet, but pulling the data as you ask. You can place controls such that people are only seeing the information that they are allowed access to, which can mean that you have sensitive data tied to those records, but only show what is allowed to be seen. These are not available in spreadsheets, which is why you would use databases instead.

Learning all of this is actually fairly easy. I went through a SQL course in a weekend, so you can do the same. That said, working with Microsoft Access tutors near me is what you should be looking for because you can make sure that you are actually getting things down in a way that you will not need to go back and check if you got it right later. I tend to look at the answers too soon when I am on my own and that just cheats me out of learning. With a tutor, you are held accountable and will likely be better about that kind of thing.


Who we hire?


Working with Microsoft Access is something that does not take too long to pick up if you have the right person there by your side and that is what we make sure of when you sign up with private Microsoft Access tutoring. There are plenty of reasons not to get a tutor, so we need to make sure that we find tutors that are so great that you forget all about the fact that you do not want to invest in tutoring. There are a lot of qualities that we look for, but the most important that you must have is experience.

First off, we do not hire anyone without a bachelor’s degree. That might sound like too stringent of a requirement to some, but we want to make sure that the tutor has pursued a post-high school education to completion. We also make sure that if someone is tutoring in a subject, their area of study was along the lines of that subject or their career focuses on that subject. You would never want a Microsoft Access tutor that was a Gender Studies major because the two do not have any overlap. You want to know that their credentials are enough to be a good tutor and that is easily shown with a college degree. In addition, we look for tutors with at least 5 years of teaching or tutoring experience. This can include student teaching too, but the point is that we want to be sure that our students are in the hands of professionals that can handle whatever obstacle are thrown their way. When you have experience, you can recycle techniques that inexperienced tutors just do not think to use.

I think the best thing about Microsoft Access tutoring near me is how accessible it is, no pun intended. We are always looking for more tutors and try to diversify our staff to include people from different backgrounds and all around the country, so you can always have in person tutoring and some choice in the person that does the tutoring. We are trying to give you more power than any other tutoring company and hope to serve all your tutoring needs


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