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There are a lot of decisions that go into being a doctor. Are you okay with the human body? I am a human, have a body, and think it is super gross, both on the inside and outside (you have not seen how hairy my back is). If I had to see other people’s hairy backs or, God forbid, see inside their nasty bodies, I would close my eyes. You do not want a doctor that closes their eyes when they see something icky. If it was not clear before, I would not make a good doctor, which is good because I do not want to be one, no matter how much my Jewish mother tells me that I need to be one to make her proud.

Once your decision to save lives is done, you have a ton of steps before you are actually allowed to kill someone. I mean saving lives. Because you are not going to kill anyone (note: lots of doctors kill people and most of the time it is not on purpose). The first step after college is to take the MCAT, which is the Medical College Admission Test. Would you be surprised that it is the test for medical college admissions? If you want to improve your chances of success, the best thing to do is to work with private MCAT tutors.

Usually, the test is offered around 25 times a year, so there are plenty of times to take it. Most students usually choose to take it leading up to a med school admissions deadline, so they take it the same year that they are applying to schools. That means that you are ready to take the test, which might be right after college (or during if you are somewhere that lets you bundle pre-med with real med) or in the couple years after. You are allowed to take the test more than once, with up to three tries in a one year period and four in a two year period. If you somehow take the test seven times and do not get a good enough score, they have deemed that the point of no return. You are not going to get seven chances to save a life or even diagnose a cold, so that means that it is time to hang up your dreams of wearing a doctor’s coat at that point.

The good thing about the content of the test is that it only covers things that you would learn in introductory level courses in the related fields to medicine. That means that you do need to complete some college prerequisites, but you will not be knocked if you did not take the most specific classes in biochemistry or gotten to nuclear physics. For the most part, if you have taken intro classes in biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, psychology, and sociology, you should be in pretty good shape for the exam. It will just take the extra work of re-learning the concepts to know that you are on top of it all.

The bad news on the test is that, with all of the breaks, it takes seven and a half hours to complete the test. You are going to have to commit a whole day to take this test, which means that you should devote a commensurate amount of time to studying for it. Even though you are spending time with your MCAT tutor, you might even consider adding in chemistry tutoring if that is an area that you struggle in specifically.

If you are looking for a career in medicine, whether that means treating humans or becoming a veterinarian and treating animals, you need to pass the MCAT to get into the next level of school. You still are not going to get to treat anyone just yet, but getting there will take searching for MCAT tutors near me to help you get to school first.


Who we hire?


There are a lot of fields covered on the MCAT, so you have to work with someone that is versed in all of them. For example, someone with a background in biomedical engineering probably has a background in all of the chemistry, biology, and physics that you would need, as introductory level classes and even higher are required along the way. BME majors make great additions to our network of private MCAT tutoring professionals.

For many students, passing the exam is the first thing on their minds, but they do not realize right away that the best way to succeed is to go into it with a plan. There are four different sections of the exam, so making sure that you have enough time to tackle each section and go deeper in the ones that you struggle with is very important. If the test takes over six hours in test time, practice tests will take almost an entire day. If you are working at the same time as preparing, that means you can only practice on weekends, which means that you really have to be smart about using time. It is part of the job of a great tutor to help students make time to study, so they are able to be as prepared as possible when they first take the test. Even though you can take the test over and do better, it still looks best if you can nail it on the first try.

Part of preparing means that you understand how the test is scored and what a good score looks like and what it will take. The possible scores range from 472 to 528, with 500 serving as the median and mean score. If you want to give yourself the best chance to get into the top med schools in the country, you want to score somewhere between 514-528. The next tier, which are competitive, but not quite the top, is 508-513. These are good enough for a lot of schools, but probably not get you into Johns Hopkins, where they look for 520 and above on average. Good scores fall in the 500-507 range. You are somewhere in the second quarter of scores, still better than most, but not in the top 25%. Anything below 500 puts you in a tough position when it comes to getting into med school.

For great MCAT tutoring near me, we look for people that can help get students beyond 507 and into the competitive range.


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