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Martial Arts Tutoring

Martial arts consists of “various sports or skills, mainly of Japanese origin, that originated as forms of self-defense or attack, such as judo, karate, and kendo.” Our private martial arts tutors will expose you to these types of practices as well as aikido, mixed martial arts, taekwondo, muay thai and many more. There are a large number of distinct styles that you can learn and we have the tutors who can teach them to you. Sometimes we get students who are looking to learn an obscure style of martial arts and are unsure of where else to go. For example, Jeet Kune Do is a style that we get inquiries about every so often. This was the martial arts style that the late, great Bruce Lee developed himself.

There are many instructors who claim to have mastered this style, but not many who actually have and can teach it. Students come to us as the last hope, and end up getting matched with a phenomenal tutor who can break this style down for them. Although Bruce Lee was able to develop his own martial art style, this just did not happen to him by luck. He trained ferociously for years and not just in the gym. He also knew the importance of developing his mind and finding a sense of inner peace. Some people only want to learn martial arts so that they can do a roundhouse kick or take out an opponent. But martial arts is much deeper than that, it is both external as well as internal.

These are the types of lessons that you will learn with your fitness instructor. Because martial arts are a fantastic way to train both the mind and the body. If you are getting older and looking for a fun way to stay fit then you should look into picking up a martial art. Krav Maga is one of the perfect martial arts for you to learn if you are interested in getting in shape. Also known as the deadliest martial art, this style of fighting uses boxing, judo, jujitsu, and aikido to create a vicious form of fighting. Because it is so dangerous, it requires a ton of work on your part. You have to be physically fit in order to be able to take out your opponent and maintain your fitness.

If you want to defend yourself while also getting in better shape then this is the style of fighting that you should look into understanding. Fitness is key in our life and you must find something that will keep you active. Being able to kick a little butt is a good added bonus. Martial arts is also a great way to keep your children in great shape. It promotes self-discipline, hard work ethic and a sense of health.

You must be in great physical health to participate in any martial arts class. This is a great way to build up your child’s self-confidence while also allowing them to get their work out in each and every week. They might even be able to compete in martial arts contests and become top-notch athletes. You can unleash the dragon but first, you have to start searching for “martial arts tutoring near me.”


Who we hire?


The thing about martial artists is that they usually excel at other sports. One of the reasons why we know this is because we have a few individuals who lead our private martial arts tutoring services and were also top-level performers in other sports. A big-time martial arts tutor for us has been working in the industry for years. As a child, his father made him take jujitsu class because the family had been doing it for years. It was a great way to instill confidence and discipline into the child while also teaching them how to defend themselves. As it turned out, our tutor became quite good at jujitsu and won their fair share of competitions. They even ended up being ranked nationally in the sport, defeating several top-ranked opponents.

Then our tutor showed an interest in other sports such as football and basketball. They also excelled at both of these sports, making their uber-competitive high school varsity teams as a freshman. Our tutor led the basketball team to one state championship and the football team to three. They were named All-Metro in football and ended up getting a scholarship to play at a major division one university. After four years of going to college and competing at a high level, our tutor got back into jiujitsu. While they were in college they used it as a way to become more aggressive and agile on the field.

After picking it back up from a master in their college town they rediscovered their love for the art. With the help of the master, they became a certified teacher and started teaching classes to pay for the amenities of college life. When they graduated the tutor started their own sporting good company back in their hometown and now they tutor martial arts on the side. It is more of a means to give back to the sport that helped him become who he is today instead of making money. He actually cares about his students and puts his all into training them to be the very best martial artists possible.

This is just one of the many stories that we have when it comes to finding “martial arts tutors near me.” They are all unique and each has a background that is enticing and particular to the person that they have become. The talent is only half the picture when it comes to our tutors. The passion to help others has to be there as well. We do not want you to work with some money grubbing tutor who does not care about your well being. Each tutor that we hire has to represent the Premier Tutoring brand which is all about helping students become their best selves.


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