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When the country first began, there were a lot of different parties looking to break away from old rules for various reasons. At the start, there was freedom in independence, but they quickly realized that there needed to be at least some rules in place that could be used as a standard with all states and all additions to the union. That is why the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were written, but they were not all ratified immediately by the states in the union. There were some that required certain compromises. That was the same way as the LSAT before we all got the test that you spend all your time with private LSAT tutors studying for.

Back in the 1940s, there were some admissions tests around, but Frank Bowles, a Columbia Law admissions director, wondered if there was a test that was better at assessing students. The goal was to find a test that would correlate more with first-year grades, rather than bar passage rates, which were too far down the line and skewed results. Bowles teams with representatives from Harvard and Yale to develop the first test. Similar to the Constitution, not all of the schools were on board. NYU, specifically, was not convinced by the new test, claiming that they did not believe in using an aptitude test to select law students. However, they were open to experimenting with the idea. The original three schools opened up collaboration to include other law programs and they were able to create a standardized test worthy of testing law students’ skills.

The test is now used not just in America, but also for Canadian law schools and the University of Melbourne in Australia. Over 100,000 students per year take the test in hopes of becoming lawyers. And this is just to get you in the front door. To become a lawyer, you are still going to have to study again for the bar exam, which comes after you have finished law school and are preparing to join the actual legal workforce.

The test is divided into five sections and an additional writing section. Of those, the writing section and Variable section (which is used to test new questions for future exams) are ungraded. That said, the writing section is still used as a way to demonstrate your decision-making process and is sent to admissions offices along with your score. It is just not assigned a quantified score like the rest. Only 10% of schools have reported that they “always” consider the writing sample along with the test score, but 7% say they “never” use the sample, 25% “seldom” use the sample, and 33% “occasionally” use the sample. Depending on what school you are looking to go to, it is around a 50-50 chance whether they will incorporate the writing sample into your admissions decision.

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is part of the key to acing the test. You need to know how you are going to approach the test before you take it. For example, you might be strong in one section, but need a ton of work in another, which is why you might choose to focus on the second subject with your tutor. That is the perfect situation for tutoring because working with someone on your weaknesses efficiently will make sure that you are not wasting your time or burning out early on subjects that are not interesting to you. Search for LSAT tutors near me to get started with our great staff.


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Other than the ungraded experimental section and the writing sample, the other four sections consist of two Logic and Reasoning sections, one Reading Comprehension section, and one Logic Games section. Knowing each one is key to success, but we would also like tutors that specialize in each one to make sure that we have the best people to cover you. Private LSAT tutoring should be catered to the exact needs that you have.

The first section includes questions about logic and reasoning, but it is really all about analyzing and dissecting arguments. Each question begins with a short argument or a set of facts and you will be tested on your ability to interpret things. You might see questions about the argument’s assumption, alternate conclusions you might come to, any errors or logical omissions that you might notice, finding another argument with parallel reasoning, or choosing a statement that will strengthen or weaken the argument. These are key building blocks to a career in law because a good lawyer is not just someone who can come up with an argument of their own, but also someone who can break down the arguments of an opponent and poke enough holes to know that they hold the stronger position.

The next section to know is about reading comprehension, which consists of four passages, each of 400-500 words. Each passage contains 5-8 questions, which can be about any subject. The point of this section is to look at your ability to read and comprehend texts, hence the name. It is not so much about understanding the brain chemistry of T-rexes in a passage about the dinosaurs. Instead, you are going to need to figure out things like the author’s main idea, themes, the structure of the passage, and any inferences you might be able to draw from the text. One of the four passages is actually split into two parts, as it is a comparative reading section. As you might expect, this section requires you to compare and contrast two shorter passages with different perspectives on a topic. It is said that this compares well with the ACT Science section.

Logic games are the final section to know and this requires a little more actual logic than the previous logic section. These work similarly to logic puzzles you might have played as a child, where you get a set of rules and a grid that you use to find the perfect permutation of people and attributes that fits everything. Here, you take it up a notch, as questions often do not produce a single, simple answer. You might be asked to add or modify existing rules based on the question, which tests your ability to reformulate the known information and adapt to the new change.

If you are going to succeed on the test, you need to be prepared in all of these sections. If you are going to be part of our LSAT tutoring near me, you do not need as much. A focus on one of these topics could make you the ideal candidate to join our roster.


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