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Logic lessons come in many different forms, but a simple college-level class in college likely begins with using symbols to build logical formulas. You might see a symbol like ⊃, which is a direction-specific indicator of how an argument flows. That symbol specifically is the most basic if-then symbol, indicating that if the set before the symbol is true, then the set after the symbol is also true. Conversely, if set A is false, set B can still be true, but B can’t be false if A is true. It all sounds like complicated gobbledygook, but it is actually the basis for how many arguments are structured. Understanding the relationship between statements is important in building a valid argument.

More complicated symbols that you might not find on a traditional keyboard, make their own impact in other ways. A full logical equation can have a combination of letters and symbols that looks like a foreign language. Searching for logic tutors near me might make the difference if you are struggling to figure out how all of the complicated symbols interact with each other.

Logic often falls in the category of philosophy when it comes to college departments. The word itself comes from Greek, where ancient philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle were responsible for the first discussions of the early laws of truth. You might see early logic problems using their names as an example. As far as legacy goes, it is not the best part, but it is a pretty solid place to be in history when your name is associated with a term as broad and vital as logic. The only name that might be more associated with logic is that of the socially conscious white rapper, Logic. And he loved his probability tutor (or so I heard).

If you are going to get into a field that requires persuading people, logic is going to be vital. That might include any number of careers. As a salesperson, you need to appeal to a sense of logic when convincing people to buy what you are selling. As a hat maker, you might need to persuade your fabric supplier to give you a good deal. Those are fields where persuasion comes infrequently, but law is where persuasion is almost the most important skill.

Although most cases do not make it to trial, you have to be an expert in logic to be a great lawyer. Getting to the point where you can come to any sort of agreement takes the first step of building your reasoning as to why you feel you deserve what you are asking for. Before a defense attorney presents his case for why the client deserves a lenient amount for bail, they must first come to that number based on a few arguments. A prior clean record implies a low risk, which could be a factor in leniency. Benchmarks set by prior similar offenses are also a good way to build reasons as to why bail should be set low rather than high. As the prosecutor, you might build a reverse argument that the defendant has other factors that make them too much of a risk to allow out in public.

The specifics of how you use logic might be different, but there are so many uses for the subject that it is very important for many people to learn. The simple fact that many do not take logic gives you a leg up, as you can become expert in a skill that is sought after. It could make your arguments better, so you do not need an essay writing tutor in the future. If you feel like you would benefit from the logical choice for help, search for logic tutoring near me.


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In the era of fake news, logic is more important than ever. Many people claim opinions without any basis in fact, which is where any logician can see the flaws in the argument. These people are not the right candidates to become private logic tutors. For example, the theory that the earth is flat is one that has spread worldwide. Despite the fact that the discovery of spherical earth came in the 6th century BC, idiots have claimed the contrary for far longer.

The reason that they continue to support this theory is that they have a false or incomplete understanding of logic. The Flat Earth Society claims that they have evidence that the earth must be flat because the surface of the water is flat. An experiment known as the Bedford Level Experiment was performed on a six-mile stretch of water to prove that it was perfectly flat. In an 1838 experiment, the society’s president found that he was able to see a vessel six miles away from himself with full visibility, even though the top mast should have been eleven feet below his line of sight based on the dimensions of the earth. As their logic follows, if a viewer can see someone a mile away at the same relative elevation, then the earth is flat. The issue comes in the few steps in between that get lost in the argument.

For one, there is the assumption that light travels in a straight line. They are relying on sight alone, so you need to make sure that there are no factors impacting the refraction of light. In reality, atmospheric refraction bends light with the curvature of the earth. Because air density changes as you move away from the surface of the earth, light does not behave the same way at a short distance as it does at a long distance.

In our justice system, we have a certain term called burden of proof that means that it is the responsibility of the person that makes a claim to prove that it is true. In the flat earth debate, both sides still argue about which one is the claimer and which is the disputer. In logic, the term for the flat earth side is arguments from ignorance. This means drawing a conclusion based on lack of evidence without accounting for all possibilities. Any logician worth their salt should know this concept well.

We want people that are on the side of the round earth when it comes to private logic tutoring. If you believe the earth is flat, you must come with some better logic to prove yourself if you want to join our ranks.


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