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Albert Einstein once said “if you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Einstein was an individual who many people thought put an emphasis over the sciences and not reading, but that is not true. He knew how important it was for children to establish an imagination early on. In fact, when you look at the modern technological advancements that have taken place currently many of them were thought of by author years before they became tangible inventions.

Imagination is the driving force behind several of the items that we use in our lives on the daily. Reading is a way to develop this imaginative style of thinking and it is something that must be instilled at an early age. Although technology has been taking the world by storm it has been rotting the brains of several children. At one point in time, everyone was reading and it was a staple in the culture. But now, children are glued to their tablets and many of them do not even go outside. There is no need to be imaginative when you have a computer that can do everything for you. This mentality it was is leading to our youth not being as creative as they once were. It is also affecting their work in school and you are seeing that with your child.

You know that they are capable of reading at a high level, they have tested out of the roof. But when it comes time to do book reports in their third-grade class they want nothing to do with it. They would much rather play a video game or spend time on their tablet than reading outside of school. In order to have them pick up good reading habits, you must find “literature tutoring near me.” A professional will be able to make sure that reading is fun for your child. By exposing them to literature that is new and original, it will pique your child’s interest. Sometimes it is not that your child does not want to read, but they do not want to read the current book.

Making sure that you are interested in what you are reading is one of the main factors in keeping up a solid habit. One of our private literature tutors will sit down and talk with your child. They will figure out what it is that keeps your child interested, and from there they will be able to create a reading list. The reading and comprehension tutor will also help your child develop a reading schedule that they can follow so that they are staying honest and getting their work done.

This type of preparation is what your child is going to need to do in order to be the very best student and person. There has to be a balance between work and play which comes by creating a schedule that you follow. Your child will develop habits that can keep them disciplined and headed up the hill of success.


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The thing about literature is that it is an incredibly broad subject. You might be focused on English literature, which is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes down to figuring out all of the different styles, you need an absolute expert. Teachers in school are going to test you and challenge you with exams and in-class questions. But they are not going to give you in-depth attention. If that is what you are looking for you need to work with one of our private literature tutors. Each one of the individuals that we have employed has been helping students with their reading for years.

The older you get and the more English you start to take, and the more difficult the literature is to read. I remember my freshman year of high school which was the first time I read Shakespeare. I felt like I was reading a foreign language, but luckily I had the assistance of my teacher. If your teacher is not as willing to help you then you are going to need to start working with a reading tutor. You might think that high school students do not need a tutor who specializes in reading but you are far from the truth. There is never an age where you will not need help with this subject. Literature is a complex subject topic and it seems like some authors go out of their way to confuse the audience. But that is not the case, you just have to dig deep.

This is not something that everyone can do alone, and precisely why it is required in class. But once you learn what to look for and how to approach certain authors, then you will find that you are going to be a stronger reader. Literature a clear view into our past and sometimes into our future. In some cases, the stories told by authors are more authentic to the situation than textbooks. There are some things that cannot be captured by a historian but can be achieved by an author who was living during the time.

Language has changed some much over the years that sometimes it can be difficult to follow. “Literature tutors near me” can open your eyes so that you can really understand what you are reading. It is one thing to just go through a story but another to actually comprehend it. We have reading and comprehension tutors who are going to be able to assist you in both these aspects. This can help you become a stronger reader and a better student.

When you are able to read these advanced texts it will make you a more viable option when it is time to start working and applying for jobs. Being well read is not just a topic that you can discuss at the latest cocktail party. It is also a skill that can help you secure a job in the near future. At Premier Tutoring we know that consistency is key which is why we constantly supply the very best tutors that you can find.


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