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When it comes to computers, you probably do not worry too much about the operating system. Some have an idea of what they are, but they do not know exactly what that means. When you are working with a computer, it is nice to have a mouse that moves at your command and has clicking ability when you want to select something. It is nice that the keys that you press put out the characters that you are looking for. If you know the bare minimum, you probably know that the commercial personal computer market typically has two major operating systems, Microsoft’s flagship Windows and Apple’s competitive Mac OS X, which had a series of animal named updates before turning to mountain names and other California nature names. Those are the things that you get in a Mac or PC if you are just looking to do your personal computing work at home. You want a clean interface to watch Netflix, look at things on the internet that you probably should not be looking at, or play Fortnite with your buddies. If you are looking to do some serious computing, and I am talking about mainframe computing and the stuff of programmers, you are going to go for the third option, which is an open source operating system known for its penguin logo called Linux. With our private Linux tutors, you can learn everything that there is to know about this OS.

First, you should know that Linux is considered pretty cool in the programming community. My brother is a computer nerd (I say that affectionately) and he is a total dork for Linux (again, out of love). The tech peeps love doing it yourself and customizability, which are where Linux shines. For us mere peasants, we are not expected to know what we are doing on the backend. When you are in Windows and start digging through the folders, you might get a warning that you should not proceed if you do not know what you are doing. This is like that Matrix moment where you get to meet Morpheus and choose between the blue pill and the red pill. The blue pill is clicking cancel and going back to your regularly scheduled Office binge. The red pill is moving forward anyway and digging into the processes that make things run. The real pros know how to take advantage of every ounce of power in their computers because they can strip away the excess with their knowledge of the necessary and unnecessary. You might actually be using a Linux based system without realizing it if you are working on a Chromebook, whose Chrome OS is based in Linux. This way, Google could offer a solid OS without having to license to Microsoft or Apple and increase the price by a fixed, negotiated amount. Doing it themselves allowed Google to have the control.

Ultimately, that is what you are looking for when you are searching for Linux tutors near me. Linux gives you more control if you know what you are doing, so working with an expert on what to do will make sure that you are in control in the end. We hope not to create the next wave of computer hackers, but instead inspire the next wave of computer science entrepreneurs that launch us into the next waves of innovation. When you think about some of the ways that each year we see new technological advances, you might realize why Linux is so important. Taxis were an annoyance that I hated. For some reason, it becomes the job of hotel valets to also be the retrievers of cabs. Now, you can do it yourself with no hassle with your phone and a driver can know exactly how much they are getting paid for the trip. If you are the whiz that makes the next Uber to disrupt another industry, you could be a billionaire in the making.


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Computer people speak a certain language. There are a lot of programming languages out there and sometimes it feels like English becomes second to some of them to computer geniuses. Not to say they are not smart in their ways, but they can sometimes suffer from being dry or hard to relate to. If you are talking to a computer all day instead of other people, your public speaking skills might be rusty. That can sometimes come into play with private Linux tutoring, but we have found that it is not a problem when you properly screen candidates for tutoring purposes. The interviews make all of the difference because we can spot when people have not had the hours needed with students to show comfort in the interviews. When we weed out the bad candidates in advance, it means that your selection is only the best of the best. To compare to singing competition shows, American Idol shows you great auditions and the worst of the worst, but The Voice only shows you great people and people that are maybe just not great enough. We are like The Voice, in that we are only showing you great options that have made it past the judge cuts and onto the live shows.

When I got computer tutoring in the past, I was always the kind of person that needed to be sitting in front of the computer. If you are going to show me how to do something, I want it in my hands, not watching you do it and trying to replicate. Linux tutoring near me was not quite at the level of what is offered now because you were not given as many options to work with your learning style and might end up stuck with someone that is not great. Today, you can get someone that will be patient and motivational with you, so you are able to do it yourself and, more importantly, do it again when you are on your own. That should be the main goal of tutoring.


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