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Linear Algebra Tutoring

The field of linear algebra encompasses a few different thing, but is ultimately not that complex in the grand scheme of things. That said, it is also part of the foundation to so many applications later in life that not getting this part of math down is doing yourself a disservice. Understandably, when it comes to tutoring for this subject, you are not looking for private linear algebra tutors if you are in high school. By that point, you should have these concepts down. Linear algebra is more likely something that you will come across in middle school when the stakes are fairly low for success. You can’t just let this one slip by though because you are going to find plenty of areas where linear algebra comes up later.

Geometry has a lot of linear algebra in it. The shapes and angles of geometry can be represented in algebraic equations that can help you find solutions. Right angles are just linear equations with inverse slopes. You can find lots of interesting things about geometry through linear algebra. Taking those concepts on with you will be key as you go forward.

Economics is another arena where you might use linear algebra all the time. Most economists try to use past data to design models that predict future earnings and those models are expressed through functions in linear algebra. This is key in a lot of ways to businesses. For one, you might want to look at the market and how your industry is looking going forward, including your competitors. For yourself, you might want to look at how you can change things to improve the outlook of the company. You might also need to show investors the outlook of the company so that you can secure funds for the company and justify a small amount of equity in return. When your numbers are solid, you show credibility and make investment a quantifiable decision rather than one of the heart.

Matrices are often found in linear algebra and have applications in lots of different fields. These are not the matrix like the one with Keanu Reeves fighting computer programs, but instead look like the numerical grids that you learned way back when. These are actually key to computer science and computer programming, as many computers work through matrices to process information, but there are also plenty of non-computing fields that use matrices as well. Chemistry, sociology, genetics, and cryptography all use matrices and linear algebra in some form, which goes to show you how many things apply this simple concept.

When I say simple, I really mean it. Linear algebra is mostly just about vectors, spaces, matrices, and transformations. There are a few concepts associated with each, but this is not going to take you forever to learn. When you hire linear algebra tutors near me, you are not investing in something that will last for years. Much more often, you are only in sessions for a couple of months before you are ready to move on. The good news is that our tutors can spend as much time as you want, but they can also spend as little as you need. If you need your tutor for just a short period of time, you can easily switch to the next subject whenever you need to. Most of the time, the tutors of linear algebra also tutor other math subjects, so you might even be able to keep the same tutor if you are interested in continuity. We will help you to make sure that you are happy with the experience and get the most out of every dollar that you spend.


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We have a few guarantees when it comes to our tutors that ensure that you are getting the highest quality private linear algebra tutoring on the market. The first is that all of our tutors have at least five years working with students before they are allowed to work for us. That can come in many forms, including student teaching, but you can be sure with the five year requirement that you are not getting someone that is fresh off the shelf. These will be people that have worked with students like yours before, so they are going to know what they are doing. Second, we require that all of our tutors have a bachelor’s degree when it comes to linear algebra. There are some subjects where we do not require it, but we feel that this is important enough of a subject that you get the highest quality help possible and this is a fair requirement. Third, we make sure that all of our tutors pass a background check, which also includes interviews and a rigorous vetting process to make sure that these are safe people to trust leaving your kids with. We want to make sure that you are comfortable as student or parent.

Second to all of the rigorous screening when it comes to resume, we also want to make sure that people fit the Premier Tutoring culture. We do not want to curb individuality or make people feel like they need to conform to our way of life, but we do want to make sure that people show the care and passion for education that we do. These are not that strict of requirements, but some people just do not have the right motivation when it comes to tutoring and the students feel the consequences. Instead, we make sure that the student is getting someone dedicated to teaching and intrinsically motivated to helping that student understand linear algebra. We understand that there are other ways to spend your money and other resources out there, some of which are cheaper, but the reason that people keep coming back to us is that we hire the best linear algebra tutoring near me out there and the relationships built with families last longer than the sessions. We have had tutors move on from us that still keep in touch with us and their students, which shows that this is more than just tutoring, this is family.


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