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Life is hard. No matter who you are, what privileges you are or are not born with, and what time you are born into, life is not going to be easy. Every day provides new struggles for you to overcome, which is part of the fun of life and part of what makes it impossible sometimes. The good news is that there are plenty of resources that you can use to make it easier on yourself or at least have someone there to support you. In a lot of ways, private life coach tutors are like therapists, career coaches, or social workers, but they combine the skills of all of those to provide all-encompassing advice to help you get on the right path.

There are a lot of transitional periods in life where things become even more stressful. Life can be very easy when you fall into a rut, but change brings new challenges and fears that you must overcome. From the time you graduate high school until your first few years out of college, you are going to go through more transition than in most other chunks of your life. You might move once to the school of your choice, again to the city you want to settle in, and maybe once more if you change your mind. With all of that comes new friends, new living situations, new jobs, and more new stuff that you might not be prepared for. You might want a career development tutor if the job is the only issue, but oftentimes, those are best when you know the career you want and are looking to build your way into being a stronger candidate. Life coaches can help when you want to make a big change.

Moving is already a stressful process. Just packing everything into boxes, making sure that nothing will break and that you know how to unpack when you reach your destination, is enough to make me sweat. If I could have left all my stuff in my dorm room over the summer and never changed places in college, I would have. That is how much I hate moving. But the stress of physically moving is nothing compared to the emotional tax. If you are used to seeing your parents all the time and now live across the country, you need to find new ways to connect. I am particularly terrible at maintaining relationships with people that I do not see very often. I do much better in person. In addition, the time difference makes finding the right window for both of us to be awake and available is tough too. Life coach tutors near me are good at helping you find strategies to fix those problems.

In addition, making friends in new places can be difficult. They say that you can’t make old new friends, so you must commit a lot of time in the early going to spending time with friends and building new relationships. Deep bonds are formed by time and exposure, so all you can do is be around each other as much as possible and things will grow from there. Life coaches are good at helping you find new ways to meet people and then helping you maintain those relationships.

Life coaches can also be most helpful when you are self-employed. There are a lot of things that you miss when you are your own boss and it can be a good idea to find someone that you trust that can help you keep things in check. That might mean having someone that helps you with your self-esteem as you build your business, but it might also mean having someone there to tell you when you are pushing yourself too hard and need to take some personal time. When you have no structure, it can be nice to have some support to help you build some.


Who we hire?


Although there is no legal requirement to get certification as a life coach, the best private life coach tutoring comes from those that have gotten certification from the International Coaching Federation. There are different levels of certification based on your training and experience and it is a quick and easy way to show that you are backing up your talk with strong skills. The ICF is recognized globally, so it is the best way to communicate simply that you are qualified to be in the position.

Other than that, the skills to be a life coach come in the social skills of the individual. Like any tutor, you look for someone that is patient, caring, and compassionate. You want someone with enough empathy to see where the client is coming from and enough patience and understanding to help them overcome their struggles. A good life coach helps you by setting goals for you to achieve and making sure that you recognize when you achieve them. A bad coach might set unattainable goals that you can never achieve or things that are so far down the line that it will take too much time to see the results. The better way is to set a series of stepping stones that will be easy to achieve.

When you set achievable goals along the way to a bigger victory, you can manage expectations better and make sure that you are staying on track. For example, writing a screenplay is something that is highly rewarding once you finish, but takes a ton of work to get done. Finding a way to break it into steps makes writing it more reasonable sounding. You might start by breaking things down into acts. Then, you might start with an outline. After that, you might think of writing each act as its own goal. Finishing the first draft is yet another goal, but rewrites are another nebulously large goal. Again, you might break it down into sections, maybe even going more granular to individual scenes. Once you start checking these off, it is much easier to see your progress, turning a big issue into something much smaller.

A life coach is someone that can keep you accountable, which is why anyone going at it alone could use life coach tutoring near me. You never have to face a challenge on your own again.


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