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I think that a lot of people balk at the idea of learning Latin because of the reputation that precedes it. Your first thought is that Latin is a dead language, so what is the point of learning a language that nobody in the world uses to communicate? There are different reasons for everyone to take Latin, but learning Latin will actually make you better at communicating whether you speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, or Romanian. The thing to know about Latin is that it is one of the biggest roots of English and the Romance languages. That should make some sense. But I will get to that. First, you need to know that private Latin tutors are the best way to improve your Latin skills and become a more intelligent person overall.

Okay, back to the Romance languages. To be totally honest, I thought that they were called that because the stereotype is that ladies love people that speak them and that those accents are sexy. It turns out that I am totally wrong on that one, so chalk that one up as a mistake. Instead, the Roman- part of Romance should have been a clue because it literally means that it is derived from Rome. That was the home of the Latin language before it became extinct to speakers. Instead of speaking Latin, all of the other languages formed, which is why learning Latin can be a great idea if you want to become multilingual beyond just two languages.

A lot of people who get the choice between Latin and other languages will choose the other languages because they think that there is a better chance of using them in life. There are no people on the planet that speak Latin to communicate, so it makes more sense to learn Spanish and French, especially since those languages have such strong roots in America. That instinct is actually limiting your ability to learn languages. Instead of choosing Spanish or French, choosing Latin can give you the skills to learn both Spanish and French, as well as Italian, Portuguese, English skills, and more. Latin is the Swiss Army Knife that you break open to understand far more than if you just had one or two tools in your toolbox. Learning Latin concurrently with your Spanish tutoring can be a great way to understand both better.

Beyond learning all of the Romance languages, Latin will also prepare you to do better in English. There are a lot of students that take Latin to help prepare for the SAT because the lessons in word roots and grammar are really helpful on the reading section of the test. That seems like a lot of work for such a specific goal, which is why you really need to have longer term goals for Latin to take the language. That is just an added benefit more than anything and should not be the primary one.

Learning Latin is also great for specific professional fields that are heavy on the language. Law is one thing that is steeped in Latin because a lot of laws are rooted in the same laws that were written long ago in Latin when it was still alive. Knowing Latin can make a big difference to lawyers that need help understanding the history of law. Again, it could be a really small benefit to just use it for law school, but it might help you understand and remember laws better, which should be reason enough to focus on the language. Hiring Latin tutors near me is a great way for students to get a useful tool for the rest of their lives.


Who we hire?


In learning a dead language, it is not always easy to spot someone that has the skills to tutor you. What are the signs that someone is equipped to be a Latin tutor? Fortunately, consumers have the option of going to tutoring companies like ours to help make the matching process simple, but where do we find our tutors? The answer is not that simple. Building our private Latin tutoring roster has taken time and it is not something easy to replicate. We vet our tutors heavily to make sure that we provide the best service to consumers.

One of the things that makes you attractive as a Latin tutor is often not the ability to be a Latin tutor. Most people looking to be Latin tutors know Latin, so it is hard to stand out from the bunch when the thing that you offer is the same as everyone else, but you just claim to know how to teach it better. That is not to say that you should not focus on your Latin, but having a second skill can make you a versatile member of our team. Those that are able to combine their Latin tutoring skills with one of the other Romance languages are instantly more attractive tutors both in Latin and the other language. Another way that you can offer more than just Latin is through SAT prep. As mentioned, the word roots and grammar help are things that students seek out, so showing them how the two collide can be a great way to offer more value.

When looking for Latin tutoring near me, everyone has different preferences for what they are looking for in a tutor, which should benefit you because it means that we are looking for a diverse group of voices to help students learn. There are tons of opportunities out there to tutor, so we are constantly looking for people with Latin skills that are also talented at working with students. There are certain techniques that you just pick up through practice and experience as a one-on-one teacher. It takes time to learn, but the reason that we look for experienced people is that the results show so clearly in the sessions with students, interactions with parents, and overall tutoring experience. If you are someone that can offer great tutoring to our team, apply to our staff today.


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