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Lacrosse Tutoring

Lacrosse is a game that has evolved a lot over the years. It is based on games played in various Native American communities during the 1100s. It later evolved in French Canada, which is where the name comes from. La crosse is “the stick” in French. By 1900, the sport spread all over the English-speaking world. But in the United States, lacrosse began as a sport that was primarily played in the Mid-Atlantic states on the east coast, like New York and Maryland. As such, it should come as no surprise that the top two schools in terms of NCAA lacrosse championships come from those two states. The number one school is Syracuse with 10 championships and number two is Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, with 9 wins. That said, the sport is really showing its national reach, as the usual winners in Syracuse and Johns Hopkins have not won since 2009. Duke and North Carolina are close by and have won four championships in the 2010s, but Denver has also joined the fray with their first win in 2015. If you are on the east coast, lacrosse might be all around, but anywhere else, private lacrosse tutors might be what it takes to help you play at the collegiate level.

One of the interesting things about the sport of lacrosse is that it is most popular at the collegiate level. There are some lacrosse players that go on to play in professional leagues, but the salaries are not very high and some are forced to get a second job just to stay afloat. At the collegiate level, however, lacrosse is very strong. For Johns Hopkins, it is the most popular sport at the school. Unlike a school like Syracuse, who has a Division I football and basketball team that have sent stars to the pro level, Johns Hopkins’ only Division I sport is lacrosse. All of their other sports are Division III. There are a lot of sports fans that never got the chance to see Hopkins’ greats like Paul Rabil, Jesse Schwartzman, and Quint Kessenich, who is now one of the lead commentators in lacrosse.

Some football fans may recognize the baby blue colors of Hopkins and their Blue Jay mascot from Bill Belichick, who has been known to sport Hopkins gear a lot. One of the film rooms for lacrosse at Hopkins was even named after Bill Belichick. This comes from Belichick’s love of the sport and the relationship that he developed with Hopkins head coach Dave Pietramala. The notoriously icy and distant Belichick formed a close relationship with Pietramala that has many football press and fans jealous, but the secret comes in his love of the sport. Belichick is known to answer questions in press conferences with a curt “we’re onto the next game,” but maybe press could engage him more if they come up with a question about lacrosse. If one of them gets set up with lacrosse tutors near me, they could get a leg up on other press members that struggle to ask questions.

Lacrosse is a sport with two goals, so you might assume that it is similar to other sports with two goals that are played on a field, such as field hockey or soccer. There are a couple of rules that transfer over and playing other sports can help you develop skills in a new sport quickly, but you are not going to be able to play lacrosse after working with a soccer tutor. That is why you need to get the right person to tutor you using our matching system.


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Professional lacrosse is a sport that has not been able to figure itself out in a sustainable way in the United States. There have been leagues in the past that follow the traditional sports league naming structure, such as the obvious MLL, which is Major League Lacrosse. However, that league has struggled at the business level, leading to consolidation in the league. Where the league had nine teams at the start of 2019, that number has since shrunk to just six. Tim Troutner Jr., the second pick in the MLL draft, defected from the league for a new startup league called the PLL, Premier Lacrosse League. This is a new league started by former MLL star and Johns Hopkins lacrosse legend Paul Rabil because he had grown tired of waiting for the league to figure out how to distribute the product and how to market the athletes as celebrities, like in other sports. There is also another league called the National Lacrosse League, or NLL, which is an indoor league. None of these leagues are doing too well financially, so the players are forced to take second jobs to supplement their income. We would love to offer a second place of employment in the ranks of our private lacrosse tutoring. We think this is a great way for lacrosse players to pay it forward to the next generation, stay in practice, and make a little extra money in the process.

For those not at the highest level, we want all kinds of coaches that are good with kids. One of the worst things that you can get from the coaching perspective is someone who does not inspire you, for whatever reason that may be. I remember playing baseball on a few different teams and realized the difference in coaching pretty early on based on the results of how we played and the results of how I played. For example, my dad used to coach some teams and would blend a good amount of teaching with fun. He was never strict and was good at managing taking someone out of the game when needed or giving them a confidence boost. Eventually, I joined a team coached by another dad with some of the ex-patriots from my dad’s team and we bristled at the new coach’s style. For one, his son played on the team and was horrible at baseball. He would bunt every time he came up to the plate and pray that someone would make an error that let him get on base. At this level, it was not that rare for an error, but this usually meant that he was an easy out. What made it worse was that his dad always put him second in the batting order, so we almost always started off with a quick inning and no runs coming in.

As someone competitive, getting subpar coaching feels like a waste of everybody’s time. As much as you want to be nice to everyone and give them a chance, sports can also be about learning your limits and you can never reach those without the proper context around you. Some people say that minor league baseball exists to give the good players enough teammates to allow them to grow. There are career minor leaguers because there will always be a need for quality bodies. For similar reasons, lacrosse tutoring near me is the structure in place for you to get the practice you need.


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