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Language is an interesting thing. In America, we love to play with our language because our language is a mess and can be manipulated in a plethora of ways to change meanings on words and force you to understand the context behind it. There are many that subscribe to the belief that you do not really have to learn all of the rules of language because you can get by well enough by just putting words together and hoping that people understand. If they understand, the job is done, right? Well, that is a bit of a lazy way of thinking about language. You might think of language better if you thought of it through the scientific method. The reason for the strict methodology in science is repetition. Not to say that you do the same thing twice, but your experiment must be replicable by another scientist somewhere else on the planet. If the experiment only works under your conditions, you have not proven anything. Back to language, we should all be using the same language to make sure that people understand us. That is, unless you are intentionally using language to discriminate. Either way, the reason that some linguistic scholars called Korean the most scientifically superior language is that it is built to be used by as many people as want to use it. Working with private Korean tutors will make learning the language even more of a breeze because they can guide you through, but remember throughout that Korean is designed for you to pick it up easily. The characters might look tough because they are foreign, but it is much simpler than learning some of the other Asian languages, like learning Chinese.

To start on why Korean is so easy to learn, we might want to look at why English is so complicated. There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet, but we use them like Swiss Army knives and break the rules about how we use them all the time. I remember hating the word “trough” because it looks just like the word “though,” but is pronounced like “off.” That makes absolutely no sense. The other thing that really gets to me is the commonly referenced rule, “I before E, except after C.” Well, that is all well and good, but talk to me about “society.” And before you tell me that I found an exception to the rule, explain “species” or the reverse case with “caffeine.” Korean looks at those rules and says, “What the heck are you doing all that nonsense for?” In Korean, if you know how something sounds, you know how it sounds in any context. You are not changing anything. The alphabet is there for you to master it immediately, so that you can move on to learning the individual words. You can pick up the Korean alphabet in a few hours. Remembering it might take you a bit longer, but that is just a part of the process.

The thing that I think is so great about the Korean tutors near me is that I never have to sacrifice my needs in looking for one. When your options are particularly limited, you might find that you are sacrificing one or more things that are important to you and that is not fair to you. With a tutoring company like ours, you are able to access our wide network of tutors in your area, so you get someone that not only comes out right to your home, but also fits the criteria that you have for a tutor. By the end of the experience, you will definitely have a better grasp on the Korean language.


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I recently went camping with a friend of mine that is Korean and I found it very interesting how different our cultures were. I think of the standard American breakfast as eggs or cereal, with maybe some bacon, milk, or orange juice on the side. To my surprise, she was breaking out ramen noodles. Look, eating noodles for breakfast is not world changing, but what I am trying to point out is that there are certain things that you might learn about Korean that you can only get from someone familiar with the culture of Korea. Some might even seem a little crazy to you, but you do not have to actually adopt them. Part of the experience of learning a language should also be learning the culture, which is something we try to add with our private Korean tutoring. I took Japanese when I was in high school and there was a lot of value to learning the specificity of Japanese culture from my teacher, who lived in Japan for most of her life and was born there. Not only did she look the part, she backed it up by teaching us everything from the daily office workout routine to feeding us delicious Japanese dishes that we had never tried. Ask your tutor for Korean BBQ recommendations because that stuff is delicious.

When we say that we want people that can teach you the culture, that does not necessarily mean Americans need not apply. We have plenty of people that are just lovers of the Korean language and culture and want to pass that passion on to other people. We respect that a lot and try to support those tutors in the process, especially when parents are trying to avoid them. We back our promises up with great tutors who are just looking out for your Korean knowledge.

Korean tutoring near me can consist of tutors from backgrounds so diverse that they are hard to lock down. There are teachers that work in schools teaching Korean and just want to help more on the side, there are Korean people that want to pass on the language, there are graduate students studying Korea and the culture, and more. You are going to get someone great no matter what because we find people from all different backgrounds, but all with the same standard of excellence.


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