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JavaScript Tutoring

If you were to ask me what a JavaScript is, I might have told you that it is when someone writes their screenplay at a coffee shop. When it comes to this programming language, I am whatever the exact opposite of fluent is. If the word noent exists, then that is me. But as I have come to understand it from every time my web browser crashes, JavaScript is very important to web design and making sure that everyone can go to the great websites that they want to go to, like this one that you are currently on. I would say that JavaScript is one of the most important things to learn about if you are getting into web design. But what do I know? Admittedly, from the start of this, very little. So why should you trust me? Because I have heard firsthand the stories from students that have worked with our private JavaScript tutors and come back with rave reviews about how great the experience was. We have been providing top notch tutoring in programming languages like this, C++, and our most popular, Python tutoring and we hope to help educate the next generation of great web millionaires.

When it comes to developing webpages, there are three main languages that every developer is expected to learn. You might substitute in an alternative, but the three standard functions that you are trying to accomplish are defining the content of the page, specifying the layout of the page, and programming the behavior of the page and page assets. HTML is the first language that takes care of the content of the page. CSS is the language in charge of laying out the parts of the page. JavaScript is the final piece of the puzzle where you are programming the behavior of the page.

You may have heard of Java before and think that JavaScript must be the same or similar, but that is actually not true. The two are completely different languages, both in concept and design. Both were actually developed in the same year, 1995, but they differ greatly and they are not interchangeable despite the similarities in name. They are both owned by Oracle, but their differences emerge in the syntax, semantics, and uses. Be sure that you do not confuse JavaScript tutoring with Java tutoring when you are looking for help.

Although my knowledge of JavaScript is minimal, I do know one of the first lessons that many students learn because it is similar to the lesson that you learn in any web design class. Before you do anything, you are going to design a page that has a very simple output of two words: hello, world. This is pretty standard for opening the door. But it is not even close to the end of what you are going to learn over the course of your time with your tutor. You will learn ninja code, polyfills, and everything necessary to build better webpages instead of just building webpages in general. Your creativity will come into play as you learn to be a better coder, finding ways to hide beauty in the mess of code that you are typing out.

We have seen students come in not understanding a single word of computer talk that leave as experts of JavaScript. As little as I know about JavaScript, I know that a quick search for JavaScript tutors near me will lead me to the incredible support options provided by Premier Tutoring. With their support, I could become an expert on web design with the help of our tutors in no time at all and know that I am getting someone that cares about making me a better developer.


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The first thing to think about when thinking about this form of private JavaScript tutoring is that this is like any language tutor. The first thing that you learn in a language is vocabulary, so having someone fluent is important to make sure that they can pass that along to the student. Beyond that fluency is an ability to translate it from computer speak into something that anyone can consume. I recently saw an interview with Melinda Gates where she was explaining computers to someone that thought binary was 1s and 2s. She started talking about data packets and I, who thought I knew at least a little about computers (at least enough to know that binary is 1s and 0s), was instantly confused. It was like she had entered into an exclusive bubble that only her people could understand. It was not that she was wrong for speaking her own language. This is the language of computing. The thing that I thought was interesting was that she was not able to simplify into a way that simpler people could understand. For as inclusive as she is in many aspects of life, it felt like we were left out of a club. You might say it inspires you to do your own research, but I would say it was a poor sell of computing as a career.

If we are going to truly promote STEM education, especially to women, who are so underrepresented that they are forced to be tokens in the workplace, we must find ways to make this career more accessible to every person on the planet. We need our tutors to be people not just passionate about the topic, but able to transfer their passion over to students to make sure that they are committed to learning. That takes some skill and some unique ability. Not everybody is meant to be a tutor and we vet our staff in advance to make sure that they are the right people and you are not wasting your time or money.

When you search for JavaScript tutoring near me, you should instantly feel supported when you find the options of Premier Tutoring. We are going to make sure that the person that comes to your home makes you just as much of an expert on JavaScript as they are.


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