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It is a legal right and obligation that every child receives some form of education, but that does not mean that everyone is entitled to every opportunity. There are some schools that are able to separate based on ability to pay for higher quality education, but there are also programs that select out students through the use of merit-based testing that shows your aptitude in certain subjects. Some of the schools that do this are independent schools and others could be magnet programs housed in public schools. If your student shows signs of being gifted and you want to get help getting into one of these programs, private ISEE tutors are a great way to make sure that your child passes the test and can get accepted into a program that requires merit.

ISEE stands for Independent School Entrance Examination and it is one of a couple of tests that is used in this respect, although I will get into the other test later. The ISEE is for students entering grades 2-12, so they separate the test into four different levels to serve the different education levels required for that large spread. The Primary level is for grades 2-4, Lower level is for grades 5-6, Middle level is for grades 7-8, and Upper level is for 9-12. All levels follow a similar structure, which consists of five sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Achievement, and an essay that you have 30 minutes to complete.

Verbal Reasoning typically involves your vocabulary abilities mixed with some reasoning skills. There are two types of questions, synonyms and sentence completion. You will either need to pick the most similar word of four choices or finish a sentence from four possible choices. The different levels ramp up how many questions you need to answer as well as the difficulty. In the Lower level test, you need to answer 34 questions in 20 minutes, but that goes up to 40 questions for Middle and Upper level tests. The Quantitative Reasoning section is about word problems, with quantitative comparisons added in when you get to the higher levels. The questions should follow the math standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Reading Comprehension requires you to read multiple passages and then answer questions based on the main idea, supporting ideas, inferences, vocabulary, logic, and tone of the passage. Mathematics Achievement is pretty simple math problems that are self-explanatory. The final section of writing an essay is based on a random topic that is distributed at the time of the test. Although the score is not quantified and added to your total, a copy of this essay is sent with your score to schools when you apply.

When you are applying to schools at any level, K-12 or collegiate, you are going to go through a very stressful process. The work that you put in is going to get judged and that is a very tough time. The anticipation is really difficult. Just waiting for your tests to get graded is something that causes many people stress because you are unsure whether you will find the cat alive or dead when you open up Schrodinger’s box. To relieve some of that stress, you should work as hard as you can to make sure that you are going to get the score you want. Working with ISEE tutors near me will surely involve practice tests and those can give you the confidence that you need before the real test to know what your score is before you hear it officially. When you know your baseline, you can have the confidence to not worry about the score until it finally comes.


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Depending on where you are applying, you might have to take the ISEE or its sister exam, which is the SSAT. Some schools allow you to choose, which is what everyone wants out of anything. When you are given the chance to choose something based on what is important to you, you are much more likely to enjoy the results or at least be satisfied with how things turned out. Getting something chosen for you is just going to leave you resentful. When you look for private ISEE tutoring, you should have your choice between a great selection of tutors that can prepare you for the challenges of the test and get you into the school you want to go to.

As mentioned, the SSAT is a very similar test, so why should you be looking for ISEE tutoring over SSAT tutoring? First, it is important to look at the major difference between the tests. We have already gone through the four levels of the ISEE, but the SSAT is only broken into three groups, most of which cover a larger swath of grades than the ISEE. You can make your own judgement call as to whether you think the spread covers enough to prove the skills at all of the levels. In addition, ISEE covers down to 2nd grade, where SSAT only goes down to the 4th grade. The other major difference is that the SSAT has a different structure, so you get three scores as opposed to the four scores that you get on the ISEE. The ISEE can offer a more in depth look at math skills because they are broken down into two sections. The ISEE also does not dock students for wrong answers, which is something that the SSAT does at high levels. The ISEE’s verbal section differs slightly from the SSAT in that it has sentence completions instead of the SSAT’s analogies.

In finding the right tutors, we do not look for a one-size-fits-all tutor that can prepare your student in all of the areas of the test that are in common. We specifically want people that are familiar with the ISEE to make sure that our students are as prepared for the test as they can possibly be. When you find ISEE tutoring near me through Premier Tutoring, you should get someone that will guarantee you a top score.


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