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There is a fact about the Indonesia population that made me pause when I first saw it. That is the fact that Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world. When I saw that, I immediately thought that there was no possible way. In my head, Indonesia is a tiny set of islands that must have small little villages, but not many people. Boy, am I wrong. I will start this out with an apology of sorts to the people of Indonesia for my ignorance because I have never really thought much about Indonesia. It is obviously by Asia, but I would likely lump it in with the Philippines, which is again ignorant. Indonesia is not a tiny set of islands at all. In fact, there are over seventeen thousand islands total that make up the country, making it the largest island country. Broken up, you do not get much of an idea for the scale, but it is also the 14th largest country by land area. When I think of Islam, I think of Mecca and the Middle East because that is where it originates, but Indonesia is actually the largest Muslim-majority country. Back to the population, the obvious top two are China and India, which each have not just over one billion people, but over one billion more people than any other country on the planet. The next five countries combined do not even equal India’s population, which is the lower of the two. After those, the United States of America ranks third, which is also fairly standard thinking. Following, you might assume one of the larger countries on the planet. Knowing the tricky ones, I would probably skip the large countries with low population density, like Russia, Canada, and Iran. My best guess would have been Brazil, but Indonesia and Pakistan both come first. When hiring private Indonesian tutors, you are pulling from a good proportion of the world population.

All of that said, in terms of the Indonesian population in America, we are not talking about a large group. As with many Asian countries, the immigrants moved to America through the closest border, which was the west coast. The traditional immigration stories of America focus on the founders and European settlers that came through Plymouth Rock and New York’s Ellis Island much later, but we do not talk a lot about the Chinese immigrants that build much of the infrastructure supporting the west coast. So too did Indonesian immigrants move to California, settling in the two obvious hubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Interestingly, the religion of many Indonesian Americans is Christianity, not Islam, which might point to religion as part of the reason that they fled for America, which is primarily Christian, despite no national religion. In addition, many of the Indonesians immigrants coming to America are also of Chinese descent and might also know Mandarin Chinese.

In terms of Indonesians making an impact on American culture, you might not even realize some of the prominent people who have Indonesian roots. Starting with the loosely related, former teen idol and now sitcom star Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s mother is Dutch-Indonesian. Michelle Branch, who was know to walk 1,000 miles to just see you, also has Indonesian roots. Eddie and Alex Van Halen, whose rock band Van Halen has reached legend status, are also from Indonesian roots. Another name that you might not recognize unless you are a big Conan O’Brien fan is Steven Ho, who is a martial artist and stunt performer that was a frequent guest on Conan. Although there are not many famous Indonesian athletes yet, Rudy and Tony Gunawan are famous badminton stars.

All of this is to say that Indonesia has a much deeper and richer history than I was ever giving credit for. That was my mistake, but it does not have to be yours too. You can make the decision to work with our Indonesian tutors near me and they will make sure that you learn everything from the language to the culture to the facts that I somehow missed or just never cared to learn. I am sorry Indonesia and we will do better in the future.


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So I mentioned earlier that Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and that the US is number three. Okay, I went on and on about it and you are probably tired of it by now. I just want to add in one more important detail when it comes to private Indonesian tutoring because you are not looking to go to Indonesia to get a tutor. In terms of the population of people that you are hoping to learn from, you can’t take advantage of the 261 million people that live in Indonesia. In fact, those are the exact 261 million people that will do you no good. You are looking for the subset that are now a part of the US population and that is much smaller in proportion. You might hope that 1% of the population moved, but that is much too lofty. In fact it is so small that it is around 7% of 1%, which is .07% or 189,000 people. That still sounds like a lot, but when you spread them out in the US, it is like finding an Indonesian needle in a multi-cultural haystack. The Indonesian population is 5 times more dense than the US population, so imagining the density of Indonesian tutoring near me sounds like a fool’s errand that would end with “they are spread out wide.”

When you are looking for tutoring, you are going to have a much easier time finding someone than we do. That is because our job is to find the tutors. Your job is to clean teeth or practice law or whatever you do to pay the bills, but it should not have to include our jobs too. That is what you are paying us for. And when you pay us, you get our guarantee of excellence.


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