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Hungarian Tutoring

There are 24 official languages that are a part of the European Union and Hungary’s is, as you might expect, Hungarian. Granted, when most people talk about Hungary, I start feeling like I need to eat something, but there are plenty of people who would look at me like a goofball and know that what is really meant is the country. The language of Hungary is only spoken natively by about 13 million people worldwide, but it still has a lot of use, both in Hungary and some of the surrounding Hungarian communities. Apparently, there is an autonomous part of Serbia called Vojvodina, which also counts Hungarian as one of the official languages. Those that are vampire fans might recognize Hungarian because it is common in central and western Romania, particularly in Transylvania (aka the home of Dracula). Hungarian also lives in Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, and Croatia. That said, there are also several Hungarian diaspora communities in the world and the largest outside of Israel and Canada are in the United States. As such, you might be shocked to find so many private Hungarian tutors in the US that you can take advantage of thanks to signing up with us.

Hungarian is an agglutinative language, but if you would like someone that knows what that means or how to explain it to you, you are going to have to use the help of a tutor. You know that a word is really tough when even the words used to define it are out of your lexicon and I do not even know where to start on morphemes. One of the common features of agglutinative languages, however, is vowel harmony, which means that there are constraints by which certain vowels can be used. In the grand scheme of things, this could help simplify some of the difficulty of the language. There are 18 noun cases, which can be where some of the difficulty comes in. One of the other main differences with English comes in the grammar. We use prepositions in English when relating a noun to another word. For example, you might say “I will get to the movie after the previews start.” In that phrase, “after” is a preposition that is meant to relate to the previews. In Hungarian, they use postpositions, which are logically going to come after the noun. In this example, we might translate into a Yoda-like sentence when it becomes “the previews start after.” In English, that phrase has a whole different meaning, but you will not run into confusion if you know Hungarian and say it in their language.

Adjectives actually work in a lot of the same ways as English, so you might have an easier time with Hungarian adjectives than if you were learning Mandarin Chinese. For example, adjectives precede nouns in Hungarian, as they would in English. When you are saying a man is fast, it is just “the fast man,” as it would be in English. The adjectives are modified by three degrees of how much, including the positive, the comparative, and the superlative. In the previous example, this translates to fast, faster, and the fastest. All of this should come to you fairly easily if you speak English.

Even knowing the similarities and differences between the two languages, you will probably still want to seek out the help of Hungarian tutors near me. That way, you can make sure that you are always getting things right and not sounding like a dumb foreigner. If someone spoke English to you like Yoda, you might chuckle a little bit, so try to not sound like Hungarian Yoda and learn the language from one of our great tutors.


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When it comes to Hungarians in America, the communities can be fairly spread out. For example, the largest Hungarian population in the country is in Cleveland, Ohio, which for many years was known as the second largest Hungarian city on the planet. The majority of the Hungarian population in America lives on the east coast, particularly in the northeast. Other than Cleveland, New York and New Brunswick are the primary homes for Hungarians. Out west, there is a strong Hungarian population in Los Angeles and the bay area is also populated with a relatively large Hungarian contingent. Belmont, California (not to be confused with the Belmont of the Triple Crown), just outside of San Francisco, has been known for a Hungarian population and even throws the Hungarian Heritage festival, where you can really see what Hungarian culture is like in America. With all of this said, what if you are looking for private Hungarian tutoring outside of those cities? Are you out of luck if you are not in Ohio, New York/New Jersey, or California? The good news is that you are not out of luck and we should be able to not only find you a tutor, but also find you one that is geographically close enough that they can come directly to you and tutor you in the home.

When we look for Hungarian tutors, we are looking for people that do not just speak the language, but have the ability to serve as semi-ambassadors for Americans to learn about the culture that is so foreign to them. Hungarians have their own distinct culture, but they have also contributed greatly to the scientific community with 5 Nobel Prize winners, so we might pair you with someone who can tell you all about those people and what their specific accomplishments were.

When it comes to Hungarian tutoring near me, the reason that you know that you are getting the best is because we are committed to not just finding tutors near you, but vetting them to the point that they fit the standards we believe students should experience from a tutor. Where there are plenty of people that are fine with good enough, we never let that bare minimum attitude seep into our tutoring population. Instead, you are getting lessons so good, you might think that you are actually in Hungary.


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