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A lot of people go to high school in the traditional means. That usually means that you are going to public school or you are going to private school if your parents can afford it. Those students get to go through the traditions of high school, from bullies to prom and everything in between. Those things are pretty standard for growing up, but that is not always the environment that parents want for their child. In some cases, homeschool is the better option for learning in families. It is especially common that high school dropouts switch to homeschool because they are still required to attend school by law. All of the students that pursue homeschool do it for their own personal reasons, but the thing that they all have in common is that they can use the help of private homeschool tutors to make sure that they are getting everything that they need. Some of the things that you can get with those tutors will help you far beyond your high school life. You will realize that this is something that can help the whole family in the long run, which is why it is worth the investment.

You might be thinking about the use of tutoring in homeschooling because part of the value proposition of tutoring is lost. Think about it this way. Some of the reason that you need a tutor in the first place in school is because of the individualized attention. Teachers are not able to serve all of their students, especially if they teach 30 kids in public school classes. That is why you might choose to supplement the help with the work of a professional that works directly with the student at the pace that serves them best. That is certainly a good reason for getting a tutor, but it is not the only reason and you will see that the attention from a pro is still something that you appreciate.

Tutoring can actually be a savior for the homeschool experience because it goes beyond just the student. In this case, we find it best for the parents or whoever is the homeschool teacher to participate in the tutoring as well. The reasons behind this are fairly simple. As much as you are going to a homeschool tutor for help on subjects, you are probably better served going to a calculus tutor if you need help with your calculus. The reason that you would choose to specifically go to a homeschool tutor instead of going to another is that you might want help guiding the curriculum more. In your session, instead of working through problem sets, you might structure the time as more of a discussion. This can be a chance to put together a learning plan and set yourself up to work on your own. After you work with the tutor, you can switch to the subject tutors that you need as you need them as part of the tutoring package that you purchase.

Part of what makes our homeschool tutors near me so special is the incredible staff that we hire and I will tell you a little more about them below, but you should know that we are putting this staff together to make sure that you are getting the best help possible. One of the greatest worries when it comes to homeschool is that you will not get the same level of education as your non-homeschool peers, but that is a fear that you should never focus on. When you sit with us, you will gain confidence that you are choosing the right path and that you are going to get the same education or better than if you chose public or private schools instead.


Who we hire?


There is a skillset required if you are going to be right for private homeschool tutoring as a career. It is not the same as if you are any other kind of tutor. As mentioned, we hope we can help you build out a learning plan, so we look for people that are true academics. These are education nerds on the level that they are trying their hardest at all times to come up with new and unique ways to teach students and prepare them for the world. This is a noble career path and one that requires passion at the highest level, which is why it can come off as strange to those that are not a part of teaching.

It is pretty awesome when you are able to talk to someone about their passions because they open up about them and it brings out a light in people that is pretty beautiful to see. When we interview our tutors, we are blown away by how many people come in so interested in teaching. When they spend an hour talking about their struggles implementing a teaching technique or the joys of one that worked more than they expected, we are just as overjoyed as they are to talk about that subject. Finding people with that passion takes a lot of hard work, which is the reason that you are coming to a tutoring company. We do the hard work to vet the tutors so that you can worry about all of the things in life that are more important to your day to day. You care a lot about your child and that is why you are investing in their future with tutoring.

My favorite thing about homeschool tutoring near me is that I always know that I have an option available with Premier Tutoring. There are new tutors to switch to if I do not like the person that I am matched with, so I know that I am in good hands. The other good thing is that there is a great staff of people matching students with tutors, so you do not have to worry so much about the need to change. You will get a good match on the first try more often than not.                      


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