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I recently took an Uber ride from one of the more interesting drivers that I have ever met because of the career that he was coming off of. The man was in his mid-40s, had a bald head, and a fairly unassuming look, but you could tell that there was a little bit of rocker in him from the multiple earrings he had in one ear and the stylish, white soul patch on his chin. We started talking about music and he revealed that he used to be a touring musician. His role in the band was not just the lead guitarist, but the shredder, a rock guitarist known for playing faster than anyone else on the planet. I was instantly curious and asked him more about his life because I play the guitar sometimes and have always watched in awe at the speed of shredders. When I try to move my fingers around on the frets, it feels as though my fingers lack the speed to ever be able to catch up to him. It is like if I were to run against Usain Bolt. Even if I was in good shape, I would never reach his level. I asked my driver what his skill level was like when he first picked up a guitar, wondering if he took to the instrument as soon as he picked it up. He was a self-described virtuoso, so I assumed he had some natural ability. Instead, he said that he was not anything when he started. It was the 18 hour days practicing that got him to where he was. When I think of private harp tutors, I think of that ability to go from zero to hero as inspiration. Even if you are not someone that takes to the instrument immediately, you can still become a virtuoso with hard work and lots of practice. You just need to commit.

In terms of actually learning the harp, committing is easier than it is to learning the guitar because you can reach amateur levels much easier. The harp is obviously a part of the string family of instruments, which is why I am talking about the guitar so much in comparison. The cello and violin also fall into this category, as do the upright or non-upright bass. But there are also differences in the instruments that make learning them different as well. The guitar has a lot of concepts that are difficult to get past and might take over a year to learn. For example, hammer-ons and pull-offs are things that I struggled with a lot because they require quick and powerful finger moves. They become easier with confidence, but that takes training and time. The guitar also has frets, which require you to remember hand positioning and requires solid precision. Instead of those, the harp just has more strings. In fact, it is one of the most accessible instruments for beginners because all you really have to do is pluck the strings. Guitars and other instruments can be hard because they are designed for your handedness, but harps are like pianos in the way that you play them the same whether you are a lefty or a righty. In those ways, this can be one of the simplest instruments to learn.

When you look for harp tutors near me, you might first think about the popularity of the instrument and assume that the relatively limited popularity would lead to a relatively limited tutoring supply, but that is not even close to the case. Instead, the supply is great because we are constantly finding new harp tutors across the country. You will not have to learn the harp over video because we are going to find someone for you that can come teach it to you in person.


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The harp is an instrument that has lost a bit of its popularity over the centuries. That might be expected when it comes to this instrument, which is one of the oldest instruments on the planet. The harp dates back as far as 3500 BC, which should go to show you the staying power of the instrument. Bell-bottom jeans barely lasted a decade, but this instrument has managed to last through multiple millennia. That said, we do not often think of the harp in contemporary music. Most people think of the harp as an instrument for classical music only, but that is severely limiting what can be a highly versatile instrument. Although it is used a lot more in classical music, you do not need to be orchestra-bound to seek out private harp tutoring. There are plenty of modern harp players trying to change the way that we see the instrument. The first that comes to mind is Joanna Newsom, who might be better known for being wife of SNL and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg, but she is also doing great things to bring back what is seemingly a forgotten instrument.

In learning an instrument, one of the greatest turnoffs can be hating the music that you play. The whole point of playing an instrument is to make noises that are sonically pleasurable, but that means different things for different people. When I learned to play guitar, I was annoyed in class by always playing classical music that was boring. I got yelled at by the teacher almost every day for switching to rock whenever I could. In finding the right harp tutoring near me, you should also be looking for someone that is interested in helping you learn the music that you want to play. This can be a back and forth discussion because you want to make sure that you are learning proper technique and classical songs can be the best vehicle at times, but you might find more fun songs that provide the same tests of technique, which could make learning much more fun. When you sign up with us, tutoring should always seem like the fun choice and not the chore that you are doing as a means to an end. You should enjoy practicing just as much as performing.


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