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Hard of Hearing Tutoring

Having a child that is hard of hearing is a challenge in a lot of different ways and the setup for those students to receive help in school to accommodate for their disability is not always there. Unfortunately, we have not reached a point where all of those students are getting the help that they desperately need. Just because you have impaired hearing it does not mean that you are any less capable or intelligent than your peers. There are many ways to overcome those issues, but you need the resources in your formative years to prepare you well enough to thrive in adulthood. That is why private hard of hearing tutors are often a necessity for families with a student that has partial or full hearing loss.

One of the things that every hard of hearing should have in their education is an Individualized Education Program, or IEP. This should be no secret for families in the know, but if you have never heard of this, it is a plan developed for a student that is deemed to need special education. Deaf and hard of hearing students fall in this category, so they will surely have an IEP. That can provide another interesting challenge in finding tutoring because they are inserted into that process and must align with the IEP to be successful. In searching for the right tutor, you need to have the options to find someone that is helping to support the IEP goals rather than get in the way. That amount of specialization in a tutor is not often easy to find, but we are building the network to make it possible for hard of hearing students to connect with the right tutor to fit their specialized needs. This is a tough process, but we want to do our best to make it easier for you.

There are a lot of schools that are not equipped to fully help hard of hearing students and as much as that is a shame, we have to find ways to get those students education while we wait for those resources to come. One of the fears is that tutoring is going to be insanely expensive because it requires such a special set of skills and it can definitely run up some costs. It is often more expensive than traditional tutoring. That said, there are ways that parents can get some financial relief to cover the cost of the tutoring. Some schools are required to provide tutoring if they fail to meet certain standards for disabled students. Doing some research might make tutoring a simple and affordable option.

When looking for hard of hearing tutors near me, you should not have to worry so much about your student’s education needs. There are so many students that do not get the proper opportunities and it is robbing the world of their contributions. We want to help students reach their full potential and reclaim their place among the best by showing what they are capable of. Instead of wallowing in the failures of the education system, let us work with you to figure out a better way to provide the best education to hard of hearing students who already face enough challenges as it is.


Who we hire?


There are a lot of different types of students that can fall under the umbrella of hard of hearing. That could mean fully deaf students. It could also mean students with partial hearing loss. Some students may be fluent in sign language. Some can mostly read lips. Others are not as lucky to be trained. There are special skills and experience required to work with students like this, which is why it is vitally important in private hard of hearing tutoring that we find tutors that have the proper experience working with people that have some or full hearing loss. That background is important because only those that have done it before can run efficient sessions that are guaranteed to help the students.

Tutoring can be a reality for lots of hard of hearing students, so the market for tutoring should be fairly large. We have found that the supply of tutors is fairly low. We are constantly looking for talented tutors to join our team. Our philosophy is that we want to think of the people first, meaning that we are focused on finding people that are good at working with people. I know what you are probably thinking. Do you think we are applying thinking that we will be successful because we are good at working with animals? Well, I mean to say that there is more skill to tutoring than just knowing things and passing them along. And that is doubly true when you talk about a special needs tutor. The margin for error is much smaller here. It is hard to think of margin for error in an industry like tutoring. It is much easier when the results are tangible. Sure, there are grades, but those might not be as accurate a benchmark as we hope. A great tutor has some intangible qualities that make them the best at working with students.

One area of focus for us recently has been finding tutors that are proficient in sign language. It is not something that every deaf or hard of hearing person knows, which is why it is even harder to find people that are proficient. We do not just want these people to work with other people who know sign language. We hope we can facilitate more learning of sign language to help the deaf and hard of hearing communities communicate better. When you search for hard of hearing tutoring near me, we hope that you think of us as one of the best options to work for because we are all committed to a similar goal of helping the world. We seek people that are in this for more than the money, even though we do not fault you for wanting fair compensation. We just hope that you are looking to really help the students too because they really need it.


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