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When you are looking at something and say, “It is all Greek to me,” you are trying to tell someone that it is so foreign to you that you do not understand it and it might as well be in Greek, which is something that you do not understand. Instead of using that sentence to point out your ignorance, would it not be better for you to flip the script and say that because you fully understand Greek? Well, going to private Greek tutors can be one of the fastest and easiest ways of learning the language no matter where you are in the country.

Greek differs from English in a lot of ways, which is why it can be a very difficult language for Americans to learn. It has some similarities to Latin, but not as many as the Romance languages, so you are still behind the eight ball on that one. In the alphabet, there are large differences once you get past the first two letters. Many Americans actually know a lot of Greek letters because we have adopted them as the naming conventions for our fraternities and sororities. Frats like Alpha Epsilon Pi, Beta Theta Pi, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Nu, and Sigman Alpha Epsilon or sororities like Chi Omega, Delta Gamma, Delta Delta Delta, Sigma Sigma Sigma, or Alpha Phi are common across the country with their chapters on tons of campuses. Business fraternities like Alpha Kappa Si or Delta Sigma Pi are common. There are even honors named after Greek letters like Phi Beta Kappa. All of this said, that does not mean that we know all of the letters and how they are used. Many letters are meant as full syllables rather than consonant and vowel sounds like we have. Alpha and Beta are like our A and B, but it goes off the rails from there and skips to G for Gamma, back to D for Delta, and then Epsilon, which is the E use like “eh” in pet or set. Interestingly, the “ee” sound to pronounce the letter E is pointed out as a seeming redundancy in the English language with the long I sound that is the same. This is represented in Greek by Iota. The symbols are only common for Alpha and A, as Beta’s lowercase version is still like our uppercase B.

Beyond all of the intricate differences in the lettering, we also use punctuation in a very different way. Greek writing often uses commas, way more than us, immediately after the subject. They also do not use semi colons like we do. Admittedly, I do not even know how semi colons are properly used in English, but they are used instead of question marks in Greek, so the meaning is totally different. A majority of the syllables have matching English pronunciations, but there are a few like Rho that have no equivalent English pronunciation. This is pronounced more like the trilled R in Spanish or Italian. Chi is more like the Hebrew Ch sound like Chanukah.

As with most languages there are big differences in grammar and syntax that also factor into the equation. There are also little things that you will realize are things that you can only get from Greek tutors near me. You can probably learn the language by the book other places, but you are not going to get the experience of learning from a natural speaker that knows how people actually speak. For example, we usually use Mr. and Mrs. before the last name in English, but they use it before the first name in Greece. This is a small thing, but it is something that makes you seem more authentic that you only get from an authentic tutor.


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When it comes to hunting down a proper Greek tutor for yourself, the amount of time that you have to spend searching or the risk that you assume when you do not put the proper research in that you will get someone wrong for you is going to be very high. That is something that should not be your responsibility because you have too many other things on your plate. At the point where you have found the tutor, you have done almost as much work as actually learning Greek. The good news is that this is the exact reason that we are here with our pre-approved private Greek tutoring to help you learn the language. There are 13 million Greek speakers in the world as of 2012 and only about 290,000 of those people live in the US. It is only the 23rd most spoken language in the US, so it can be difficult to find someone that can teach you. We are always on the lookout for those people that are both Greek speakers and willing tutors.

Greek is a language that is primarily spoken in Greece and Cyprus, but outside of those places, it is common that people that speak Greek are bilingual. If you remember the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the generation that only spoke Greek was the oldest and most of the others spoke with an accent at most. Having someone that speaks your language is helpful. That means that you are getting someone that is able to speak both English and Greek, which means that they are going to be able to help you wherever you have a problem. They know where the biggest differences are and can steer you clear of obstacles in your way.

It might be tough on us, but finding Greek tutoring near me has never been easier for you than it is when you sign up with us. We will help make sure that you are getting a tutor that has the right personality to help you out, whether that means they are strict or relaxed. It is all designed to serve the best learning environment for you, so you can dictate qualities in a tutor and we will do our best to match you. That is our guarantee.


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