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Graphic design is a discipline that falls under the umbrella of art as well as communications. In many ways, it is a tool that you use among many other tools in a greater career, although there are some people that take on graphic design as an entire field because the need for well-designed communication is so great. The difference between good and bad graphic design can mean the difference between someone understanding you or not. Even though all the information you want to put out there is on the page, the way that you arrange it could make the difference between someone missing something and them getting the full picture. Private graphic design tutors are a great way to improve your eye for what works and what does not.

One problem with bad graphic design became apparent to me recently when I was walking through the city one day. There is a term in graphic design called kerning, which is the subtle shifting of letters to make things look better and keep things easy to read. I saw a sign that said “MASSAGE THERAPIST” in all caps. Unfortunately, the spacing between letters was not even and it looked like there was a space in the middle of the word therapist. That word is one that many people need to look out for because it is a perfectly fine word when written correctly but contains a term that you would never want to become the focus. The space I saw in the word turned the profession written on the sign into a command that made me feel a little uncomfortable. Not even if you paid me. There are other cases like not putting enough space in the sentence “pen is broken” or not putting enough space between the c and l in the word “click” and having it turn out looking like a d.

There are a lot of easy mistakes that bad graphic designers make because there is some science behind what humans respond to and what they avoid. For example, red text on a white background is bad for your eyes. There are specific combinations of colors that are pleasing to the eye and mismatching can lead to stress on readers. In the case of red text on white, I get headaches if I have to read something that way for too long. There are also small things that you might miss out on if you do not have good attention to detail. When you are a graphic designer, you can pick up on mistakes.

Back in the day of typewriters, there were a lot of bad typing habits that were developed exclusively for that technology. Computer typing made things simpler, but bad habits remain. For example, my mom always taught me to put two spaces in front of new sentences. This was a typewriter necessity, as it provided the proper kerning to denote a new idea. However, computers put the correct spacing in without needing the double space. The mismatch between people who put two and people that put one can make collaboration a nightmare. If it is consistent, you are probably in the clear, but any mistakes throw the whole look of the page off. Typewriters also used to have straight quotation marks, but those are blocky and look bad. In an example where you have height inside a quote and need to use quotation marks for inches, graphic designers might notice the confusing double quote and italicize the height marks to highlight a difference.

Depending on what you are using, you might choose different types of spacing. I could have written this double-spaced, but I felt it was more effective as single-spaced, with a double space in between paragraphs. Choosing what strategy to employ is part of being a good graphic designer. Even if you are great at putting things together and think your design work is clean, you can search for graphic design tutors near me and find someone that can push you to be that much better.


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As mentioned before, attention to detail is the key to design. For the most part, the creative thinking has been done, but design requires certain spatial reasoning that is almost like interior design. I was recently working on a one-sheet for someone and finished writing all that I wanted to write in just about a half hour, but the real work came in organizing it in a way that fit the message I was trying to send. Microsoft PowerPoint can be a great venue to design different presentations and a place where designers are needed most. I tried arranging things on the page in a straight-forward manner, but it came off as dense and unreadable.

With private graphic design tutoring, I was able to see how I could take that same information and make it come to life. There was a lot of white space on the page, so I created a theme to make it look like more than just a sheet of normal paper. I added pictures in the background to add to the text, making sure that the text was wrapped around or could be seen through without distracting or becoming difficult to comprehend. I also took all of the bulleted lists I had made and converted them to SmartArt. This created a more natural flow to the look, which was what I was intending for the list anyway. It took a lot of maneuvering during the process, flipping something from the left side to the right to see what it looked like, maybe changing the shape. Ultimately, you want to control the way something is read, so creating columns makes it hard to follow along visually, unsure if you are supposed to read top to bottom first or left to right.

One place that you might have seen this issue before is in issues of your favorite comic book. Pages are laid out in a way that can be confusing in a lot of the same ways. If they choose to break convention and have one long column that takes up the middle of the page and two columns with two images on either side, you might not know how to put it all together in your mind.

I saw a great video about Marvel movie posters that talked about the great design in each. You realize that decisions are not just made to look good, but to communicate emotion. There are lots of ways to make something look clean, but you can add an extra dimension if you are able to have the design mirror the emotional intention. For example, the Captain America: Civil War poster symmetrically features Team Cap and Team Iron Man facing off on either side. Right away, you know that these two factions will represent opposite sides of the conflict and will come together for a clash.

When you search for graphic design tutoring near me, you can find people that can help you discover the best solutions to design.


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