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In a time when government and politics have become more divisive than ever, it is important to continue studying the history of our government to not repeat the same mistakes, understand why we do things, and figure out better ways to run the way we interact as a society. No matter if you feel that government should be extremely limited or powerful, we can all agree that we need some form of rules governing our coexistence and we should all learn how that came to be and what we can do to make it as good as it can be. With private government and politics tutors, you can learn all there is to know about our history.

If you have ever watched Jimmy Kimmel’s Pedestrian Question segment, you can probably see how ignorant people are to the politics of America. There are some that are just not history buffs, but the segment usually focuses on those that are so out of touch that they could not even tell you the name of the Vice President. The fact is that we have a fairly complicated form of government. It seems simple to just say that we are a democracy, which means that we all have the chance to vote for our representatives, but that is just scratching the surface.

For example, the electoral college is a system that many people have no idea about. As has been seen multiple times in the current millennium, the person with the most votes is not always the person that wins the election. That is because we have divided states into voting districts and gerrymandered things to manage voters. Your vote could mean more or less depending on where you live, as the distribution of political leanings varies greatly. Most states vote by primary, where there is an initial election to determine the representative for the party and then a second election to vote for one of the two party candidates or one of the third party threats. However, there are also some states that use a system called a caucus which does not feature the famous “I Voted” stickers that everyone loves to post on their social media profiles. It is such a complicated process that I could not explain it, but that is why you are searching for government and politics tutors near me and not coming here expecting the answer to be right on the page. I swear I would give it to you if I knew it though.

Another great reason that everyone should be well-versed in our government systems is that you should know your rights. You go through a lot of things like the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the other 17 amendments that give you an idea of what we are allowed to do and what liberties we believe in. It can strengthen your belief in our system to see that fundamental changes can and have been made.

For many, you will never become actively involved in politics. You might support causes, but part of the reason that we vote is to delegate the responsibility of guiding our country to people that know better. For one group, they will take the lessons of these classes and build on them to one day become those policymakers and community leaders that we can’t be. You might one day add in a political science tutor to continue that path. On the other side are hard-working voters who need to know at least enough to keep those people in check. Even if you are not going to be the one deciding on a federal budget, you should know enough to make an informed decision whether you trust a representatives judgment on such issues.


Who we hire?


This might seem a bit counter-intuitive, but part of what we are looking for in a tutor for politics is someone that is not political. In these subjects, it is very easy to have an opinion one way or another as to how the system should be run. It is very difficult to take your own ego out of the equation and just talk about the systems rather than the way they should go. Your students might have questions, but we want private government and politics tutoring to feature as little bias as possible.

Growing up in a highly blue part of the country, I was exposed at a young age to liberal beliefs on a daily basis. Many students came in parroting the views of their parents, which also came with a certain bias because I lived in a very wealthy, relatively undiverse area. That can breed a lot of similar thinking, but also puts a certain social pressure on believing what your friends believe. They might not even know what they are talking about because a lot of parents pass down bad information to their kids. My parents have differing political beliefs, so I was always aware of the one-sided nature of many beliefs. A lot of people around me were siloed off from beliefs that conflicted with their own and they perpetuated a growing divide between the parties.

However, with all that bias around us, I never felt like that divisiveness trickled into the classroom. We all treated each other with respect and learned the lessons in a non-partisan way. This allowed us all to find our own paths, although influenced by context, but individual to ourselves.

One thing that you might worry about before searching for government and politics tutoring near me is the fact that it is one-on-one tutoring, which might create more opportunity for bias than in a classroom setting. In this instance, you might want to learn in a setting that is ideologically diverse as possible. That is why it is so important that we find people that can check their personal opinions at the door and focus on allowing the child to grow.

That is not to say that we want you to sell yourself out. You should still hold those beliefs as near and dear to your heart as you so desire, but we want to be sure that you are not influencing the student to follow your way of thinking unless that is what they believe too.


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