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Genetics are hotter than ever these days with services like 23 and Me that allow you to learn about your ancestry, health predispositions, wellness, carrier status, and other traits that teach you about where you came from and what your body thinks that you are destined to become. If you believe in nature vs. nurture, this only encompasses the nature side, but there is also a nurture side that affects how you turn out. The service seems like a great way for consumers to learn more about their makeup, but there are actually a lot of other uses that make this the cutting edge of technology. Private genetics tutors can teach you things that can help you save lives in the future. Especially combined with biomedical engineering tutors.

When I was in college, I heard a very interesting story from a professor. My school was known for their strong medical program and he was a cancer researcher. Ironically, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that was impossible to treat. He was essentially given a death sentence and was forced to prepare for the reality that his life would soon end. His colleagues were distraught. They, more than anyone, knew exactly what he was facing. But they were also the most capable of finding a solution. One part of their research was using genome sequencing to detect cancer. In the past, this was a process that was reserved only for the incredibly wealthy, but it has become cheaper thanks to advancements in research.

The team of researchers use genome sequencing on the professor and learned that, while the traditional medications for treating cancer would not be effective, there was a drug on the market used to treat a completely separate condition that might be able to cure him. The only thing was, this was cutting edge medical science. In the medical field, approving anything takes years, if not decades. Insurance would not pay for the treatment because it was not approved by the FDA as a treatment for his disease, effectively confirming his death sentence, despite a potential cure existing. The reason I am able to tell this story is that the faculty banded together to raise the money necessary to pay for out-of-pocket treatment. He was able to use the alternative treatment options and his cancer is a thing of the past.

We are not quite at the point where genome testing is ubiquitous and this can be applied to everyone, but that kind of story makes it seem within reach. Another great story in the public was with Angelina Jolie. Her mother had died at 56 of breast cancer, so Jolie had her genes sequenced to find out if she carried the same gene variation as her mother. She found that she did, prompting her to get a double mastectomy pre-emptively, technically cosmetically, to bring her risk of developing breast cancer later in life down from 87% to 5%. Her story, and her decision to share it publicly, led to a 64% increase in testing in the following three weeks and it held at a 37% increase for the six months after she announced. Although some have questioned the methods of coming to such conclusions, many agree that the article that Jolie wrote about her decision absolutely made an impact.

Genetics are going to stay as a vital part of saving lives, so join the fight by searching for genetics tutors near me.


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Some of the best scientists are those people that are intellectually curious and want to explore because they are intrinsically motivated to do so. Finding that motivation can be very hard, as you must find what it is inside of you that makes you go. As much as anyone can try to show you the possibilities that have worked in the past, your version is probably a combination of techniques that you have learned with a little of your own special sauce on top to make it just right. With private genetics tutoring, you can work with someone to find the porridge that is not too warm, not too cold, but just right.

One of the things that 23 and Me does is take the results from your sample and use them for more than the tests that they are sending back to you. Your report comes first because you are paying for the service, but the data that they are collecting helps them learn about the population as well as you, so their efforts have the ability to go much farther than you would ever expect.

A case where this entered the public light came in 2018, when the Golden State Killer was allegedly caught. Three different crime sprees had been attributed to the same serial killer in California over the period of 1974 to 1986, referring to the culprit as the Original Night Stalker and Diamond Knot Killer over that time. The name Golden State Killer was the invention of Michelle McNamara, a true crime author who became obsessed with the cold case. She, along with investigative journalist Billy Jensen, began writing about the case and worked together on a book. McNamara passed away unexpectedly in 2016, with the book only partially finished. True crime writer Paul Haynes joined Jensen and McNamara’s widower, the well-known comedian Patton Oswalt, to finish the book. It was published posthumously in early 2018 in her memory.

As if by magic, just two months later, Sacramento County sheriffs arrested a 72-year-old man in connection with the case. Unbeknownst to the book’s authors, the first real lead to the suspect came just a couple months before the book was released. A detective uploaded a DNA profile from a rape kit to the personal genomics website GEDmatch. The test was able to narrow down the genetic sequence to a group of 10 to 20 suspects that were relatives of the Golden State Killer. They were able to narrow that search down to two people, one of whom was ruled out by another DNA test, leaving them with just one suspect. As of 2019, he is finally facing trial and could receive the death penalty.

People that care about scientific learning should look at this as a major win for the scientific community. We hope that stories like this will inspire people to study genetics and lead to more genetics researchers, but also more candidates for you when you search for genetics tutoring near me.


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