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General Music Tutoring

When you look at anything with the word general in front of it, you are going to find more variety when it comes to telling you what that thing means. Because the nature is such that things are broad and discussed in general terms, you might get different definitions of what general entails. This is the case in general music classes which can take multiple forms. There are some classes that allow students to try lots of different instruments and some that are more about the foundations of music. The differences can sometimes be negligible, but it is important to discuss all of what this could entail. All of this can come into play when look for private general music tutors because the needs of those students can be varied under the general banner.

In some schools, general music is an opportunity for students to explore their interest in music before committing by trying a variety of instruments. When I was learning to play an instrument, the only option for instruments was to choose the one that seemed most interesting and then just go with it for the rest of the year unless you decided that you wanted to quit entirely. At such a young age, it is so difficult to find one thing that you can commit to as being the instrument that is right for you. I tried to play the saxophone, but found out after a couple of weeks that my fingers just did not have the length and dexterity to work for the saxophone. I bet my parents wish that someone had figured that out sooner because no amount of saxophone tutoring could have fixed my problems and it just cost my parents money. That was fairly frustrating for them, but also for me because I felt like I was a failure based on my body. I wish I had the chance to try around a little bit before I committed because maybe trombone or trumpet were right for me, but I just never gave them the chance that they deserved. We will never know.

The other kind of general music learning is basically teaching the fundamentals and foundations of music. Music can sometimes be like learning an entirely new language with all of the new vocabulary and symbols to learn. There is no real preparation for this because it is pretty unique to music. Getting used to concepts like pitch, melody, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, harmonies, timbre, and more are difficult in the early stages, which is why you teach them young. The other things that you learn are things like stanzas, notation, keys, rests, and other written forms of expressing music. Just when you thought you could read and write, they are rewriting the rules on you and introducing a whole new set of ideas in music. When you are able to get these fundamentals down, it makes you stronger when you finally settle down and get specific on which instrument you want to play.

Whether you are in the type of class that is preparing you by exposure to as many instruments as possible or the one that is teaching you the fundamentals of music, it will surely prepare you to be a better musician and get you going. This is a class usually meant for middle school students, potentially as one of their first electives. If you are looking to get some deeper lessons than the ones in class, look out for general music tutors near me who can help you become better at music in general.


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You might think that the name general music means that your specific skills are not the right fit for the job, but that is actually the reverse of the way that you should be thinking. Someone with specific skills in an instrument surely uses the baseline foundational lessons of general music in their work, just going even deeper depending on their aspect. Ultimately, if you are just good at playing your instrument and have no idea what the notes mean, you are not going to be very successful, but that leaves you the opportunity to go tutor in that specific instrument. Great private general music tutoring should offer the basic level of music knowledge, so that is the simple requirement of general music tutors. It really should not disqualify that many people when you get down to it.

At this young age, it is vitally important that students learn from teachers that are passionate about music. This is the stage where students make decisions about what comes next and they learn like sponges. By inspiring a passion in music at an early age, you can help students incorporate music into their lives going forward, which is valuable even if you are not going to play an instrument. Music has power far beyond just playing it and an understanding of music can make you better at math, English, and a variety of other subjects. We want tutors that understand just how powerful music can be because that passion just flows out of you and transfers to students. When your students win their Grammys and thank you in the speech, you will see just what it means to have a passionate teacher.

A general music teacher can change everything for a student, so finding the right person that can teach the foundations of music to children is a process that takes time and scrutiny. We vet our teachers because we care about the product that we are giving to students. We want our tutors to have values that align with our company, which is why some tutors just do not make the cut. The good news is that there are other tutoring companies out there, but we believe that we are building the premier team in the industry. When you search for general music tutoring near me, you should find Premier Tutoring at the top of the charts because we are offering the best and brightest tutors in the entire industry.


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